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Try Switzerland for French language immersion travel! Towering snowcapped peaks and sparkling lakes set the stage for enchanting medieval towns and modern global cities. Mouthwatering chocolate, creamy fondue and melty raclette tease taste buds. Despite the influence of its French, German and Italian neighbors, Switzerland has a fascinating culture of its own! Our short-term language immersion programs to Switzerland offer teachers and student groups the opportunity to explore this beautiful country. Did you know that yodeling was originally used as a means of communication between herders and Alpine villages? Students become temporary locals, immersing themselves in Swiss daily life while practicing their French through our signature Family Stay Experience™. There they will learn more about what traditions are uniquely Swiss when they stay with a French-speaking family!

All Xperitas language immersion travel programs for high school and middle school students include our Rest Assured Advantages.

French Immersion in Europe | Découvrons la Suisse + Paris

14-Day Program | Discover the land famous for mountains, chocolates and cheese!  Delve into the rich cultural heritage of Switzerland through its historic museums and castles as you travel through Lausanne and Montreux.

Swiss cow in the mountain meadows

Custom French Language Immersion in Switzerland

Customize your own French language immersion experience for your student group! Our custom language immersion programs allow you to decide where to take your students and what you want them to experience. Program Managers with expertise in region...