The Family Stay Experience

The Family Stay Experience

Authentic language and cultural immersion

The Family Stay Experience™ is the cornerstone of our language immersion programs. Since 1972, we have carefully selected families who volunteer to share their home, language, and culture with our student travelers. For almost 50 years, our participants have increased their language skills and cultural competency through this unique immersion program.

Host Family with American StudentThe Family Stay Experience

Students live with a local host family while abroad on their language immersion program, creating an authentic language and cultural immersion experience, unmatched by other cross-cultural programs. No Family Stay Experience is “typical”; every one is as unique as the families that host.

  • Families are volunteer, not a paid service
  • Students share meals and family routines in the target language
  • Families and students explore differences and similarities in culture and tradition

These connections can last a lifetime! Many students and host families stay in touch for years afterward.


Student and host family on street in AndaluciaEducational Brief

Full cultural immersion makes a difference

Learn how spending time with a family, speaking their language, and participating in their customs can accelerate language learning.

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"My family was so welcoming, and I learned so much being included in the small activities of their daily life. I miss them already!"

- Katherine, Costa Rica participant, Brookfield, WI

How are Host Families chosen?

The success of our Family Stay Experience is due to our network of of dedicated Family Stay Coordinators around the world, who work tirelessly to ensure a safe and enjoyable hosting experience.

  • Xperitas Family Stay Coordinators are local to the host communities
  • Recruit and screen families in their own networks and match them to Xperitas participants
  • Are on call 24/7 during the program to address any issues that arise

Family Stay Experience Blog Post

In this post, "Attitude is Everything", get both parent and student perspectives on the hosting experience.

"My family stay was amazing, and quite possibly the best part of my trip! I loved experiencing the culture of Spain through the eyes a Spaniard, not just through the everyday tourist attractions and historical sites. Not only did I learn invaluable lessons about Spanish culture, but my listening and speaking abilities improved immensely."

- Morgan, Spain participant, St. Johns, MI

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