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We believe that preparation and reflection are keys to a successful and meaningful program. That's why we've compiled an array of resources to help you, your child or your group have the best experience possible before, during and after your program. Use the filters below to identify resources by audience, type, theme and/or when to use.

We are constantly working to add and update resources, so check back often! Questions? Contact us.

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Adjusting to the Family Stay

Critical Thinking Activity

Congratulations on deciding to do a family stay! You probably already realize that this experience will lead to more profound connections and a higher level of immersion into the culture; however, what might take you by surprise is that you may...

Air Travel Checklist

Travel Tip

This checklist will help you or your child prepare for successful international air travel.

Alternate Flight Arrangements - Adults


Download the Alternate Flight Arrangements Form for Adults (non-leaders).

Alternate Flight Arrangements - Leaders


Download the Alternate Flight Arrangements Form for Leaders.

Alternate Flight Arrangements - Students


Download the Alternate Flight Arrangements Form for Students.

Alumni Scholarship Nomination and Eligibility Criteria


Teachers, download the Alumni Scholarship Nomination and Eligibility Criteria to use after you have completed your language program.

Beat Boredom

Critical Thinking Activity

As you prepare for your trip, you’re probably learning about the places you’ll visit and the sites you’ll see, you’re probably ramping up your language skills so you can use them in-country and you’re probably learning cultural tips and tricks....

Call vs. Don’t Call

Practical Activity

Preparing students for the family stay experience can be challenging! Use this activity to help students better understand their expectations of the group leader during the family stay. It is important that students have someone to contact in...

Code of Conduct - Community Partnership Programs


Download the Code of Conduct for Community Partnership Program participants.

Code of Conduct - Language Programs


Download the Code of Conduct for Language Program participants.

Community Partnership Program Application


Download the Community Partnership Program Application.

Connecting During the Family Stay

Travel Tip

Thanks to smartphones and widespread WiFi, your teen can virtually take all their friends and family along on their immersion program! There’s only one problem: sharing constant selfies and recounting every detail via social media or messaging...

Culture Shock Isn't Always Shocking

Critical Thinking Activity

Culture shock might be harder to spot than you think! Learn about the more subtle side of culture shock and how you can prepare yourself for success before your trip.

English Program Preparation Materials

View English Program Preparation Materials by clicking on the links to PDFs below.

English Program CoreTravel Insurance


Expert Tour Guides

Practical Activity

It’s hard to be an expert on all museums/monuments/historical sites your group will visit on your program. However, if the trip participants share the work of learning about the sites in advance then present what they’ve learned to fellow...