Our History and Mission

The Xperitas Mission

Transforming lives through shared global experience and intercultural learning.

Xperitas is a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization 

Born from the decades of shared experience of two nonprofit organizations: Intercultural Student Experiences (ISE) and Global Citizens Network (GCN),  Xperitas is a community of lifelong intercultural learners, who believe in a better and more just world built on deeper levels of understanding of others. Our goal is to increase access to language and cultural immersion programs for all students, regardless of their financial background. We achieve this by awarding scholarships, financial aid, and school grants.

Xperitas historical timeline


Our Vision

All people connected in one global community.



Our Programs

Inspiring personal connections with communities worldwide and providing transformational experiences through cultural immersion.

Language Immersion


Community Immersion

Students exploring Germany's seaside



Two women discussing a Community Partner project in Africa


French | Spanish | German 
Mandarin Chinese | Japanese


Indigenous, Displaced
or Rural Communities Worldwide

Today, Xperitas is a leader in cross-cultural programs that embody authentic language and cultural immersion. In addition to experiencing the sites and speaking the target language, our celebrated Family Stay Experience™, delivers a deeper, more meaningful language and cultural exchange than other programs. Students stay with a local family, experiencing daily life as a member of a community, bringing language and culture to life!



Today, we continue our philosophy of putting partnerships first and emphasizing relationships over projects. Students experience a deep cultural immersion staying within communities around the world and working alongside members on community-led projects. Students become temporary locals as they follow the rhythm of community life and participate in events of local significance. This authentic cross-cultural exchange has become a recognized best practice.


Language Immersion Destinations 


Community Immersion Destinations 


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