Authentic Language Immersion and Cultural Exchange Destinations
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Language and Cultural Immersion

Travel Destinations for High School and Middle School Students

Take your student's world language experience beyond the classroom with our short-term language immersion and cultural exchange programs. Our language immersion programs offer teachers and student groups the opportunity to explore language and culture through educational activities, adventurous excursions and our signature Family Stay Experience®. Our programs focus on authentic interactions with native speakers and the unique sights, sounds and tastes of culturally rich destinations. We also include desirable items that prioritize financial protections, traveler safety and well-being in every program with our Rest Assured Advantages.

Financial Aid Awards for Eligible Students

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At Xperitas, we care about accessibility for our language immersion programming. As a non-profit entity, we are legally bound to implement our mission to transform lives through shared global experience and intercultural learning.100% of eligible students receive financial aid.

The Family Stay Experience®

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The Family Stay Experience is the cornerstone of Xperitas' Language Immersion Programs. For 50 years, our participants have participated in successful and enriching immersion experiences with local families around the world.

Language Immersion Abroad

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Our staff has foreign language teaching experience and long-term experience living abroad Learn more:

Student Travel to France

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Explore world-famous art museums and iconic landmarks. Cathedrals, châteaux​ and Roman temples. See the vast lavender fields, sun-drenched Mediterranean beaches and mountains sporting more ski resorts than any other country in Europe. It’s no wonder France is the most visited country in the world! Did you know that in some parts of France, it's customary to kiss cheeks up to four times upon greeting friends and family? Find out how many "bises" are customary in your host community while students sharpen French skills with their French host family!

Student Travel to Germany

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Nineteenth century fairytale castles and picturesque medieval towns are as captivating as the pulsating music scene and the world’s largest science and technology museum are exciting. Modernity and innovation meet deep-rooted customs and breathtaking landscapes in the diverse land of Germany. Did you know that the "Deutsche" answer their phone with their surname instead of “Hello”? Students get an insider’s view of family life while practicing their German language skills with their German Familie.

Student Travel to Spain

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Experience cities as entrenched in history as they are in sophistication. Explore sunny coastal towns to the south or snowcapped mountains to the north. Vibrant flamenco music, tantalizing tapas and beautiful landscapes will awaken your senses in Spain! Did you know that 44% of the world’s olive oil comes from Spain? Students see how olive oil is used and practice their Spanish while dining with their host family. But be sure they fill up at lunch — Spanish families don’t usually eat dinner until ten in the evening!

Student Travel to Costa Rica in Latin America

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Considered one of the most ecologically conscious countries in the world, Costa Rica is a natural paradise. Imagine white sand beaches and waterfalls populated with monkeys, sloths, butterflies and birds. Their rich agricultural bounty includes chocolate farms and coffee plantations. Adventures in ziplining and white water rafting abound. Our short-term language immersion programs to Costa Rica offer teachers and student groups the opportunity to explore this amazing country through educational activities and adventurous excursions. Students practice their Spanish and learn more about this fascinating country over a plate of gallo pinto with their host family and find out why Ticos are known to be some of the happiest people on earth! Pura Vida!

Student Travel to Ecuador, Galapagos or Amazon

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Rolling green pastures, misty cloud forests and colorful Quechua villages create a majestic Andean mountainside Our short-term language immersion programs to Ecuador offer teachers and student groups the opportunity to explore a capital city prided for maintaining its historic colonial heritage. Sprawling beaches, blue-footed boobies and giant tortoise await you in the Galapagos Islands or will you choose to go into the heart of the rainforest, where students will be surrounded by beautiful scenery and abundant wildlife that make up the unique biodiversity of the Amazon. Students practice the Spanish they’ve learned, especially while their Quiteño host family teaches them the infamous Ecuadorian card game Cuarenta.

Student Travel to the Island of Puerto Rico

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With 270 miles of breathtaking white, red and black-sand beaches and richly colored scenery it’s no wonder Puerto Rico is known as the Island of Enchantment. Our short-term language immersion programs to Puerto Rico offer teachers and student groups the opportunity to explore this beautiful United States Territory. Puerto Rico hosts the only tropical rainforest in the United States, and a unique cuisine that combines Mexican and Caribbean flavors, Did you know that while Puerto Rico is a United States territory, they compete individually in both the Olympics and Miss Universe Pageant? Students will learn more about Puerto Rico's unique heritage and culture with their familia puertorriqueña on this diverse and welcoming island.

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