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Interviews and Testimonials

Listen to what educators have to say about traveling with us!

Haven't traveled with us yet? Listen to what fellow educators have to say about their experience traveling with us. In this section you will find testimonials, tips, profiles, and interviews from teachers that partner with Xperitas. Discover why others choose the authentic, culturally rich language or community immersion experience we deliver to students. Explore why teachers feel that our support for teachers, students, and their families is without comparison and why they enjoy being part of the Xperitas community of educators.

Language Teacher Spotlight: Nicole Weaver

Award-winning trilingual children's book author

Nicole Weaver, a high school French and Spanish teacher in Denver, is the author of several award-winning trilingual children's books.

Teacher Testimonial: Cathy Stresing

Why I Choose to Travel with Xperitas

The commitment that everyone involved in the organization has to help teachers and students have the richest possible experience is nothing short of remarkable.

Teacher Testimonial: Linda Havas

Why I Choose to Travel with Xperitas

Over 20 years and 17 trips later, I can't imagine traveling with anyone else.

Teacher Testimonial: Jane Ditewig

Why I Choose to Travel with Xperitas

Our Xperitas planned school exchange has earned the accolades of students, families, administrations and communities, and the impact and connections reach well beyond the individuals traveling.

Teacher Testimonial: Justin Peeper

Why I Choose to Travel with Xperitas

I have been collaborating with Xperitas since 2008 to take my Spanish students overseas, and I cannot imagine working with a more dedicated group of professionals.

Teacher Spotlight: Barbara Koester

How she built a successful and consistent immersion program through Xperitas

Barbara Koester's first travel group started small, with only two students from her school. Now, 31 years later, her travel group has grown to 28 students. How did she do it?

Why Use Xperitas for GAPP Program Support?

A German Language Teacher's Testimonial

Having a partner to handle so much of the organizational work and mitigate so much of the risk, whether it be related to handling the money, matters of insurance and liability, or solving problems should something go wrong in Germany, takes away a lot of headaches and worry.

Xperitas Teacher Interview: Beth Lillskau

German Teacher from Prairie Schools in Cedar Rapids, IA

In a recent conversation with Beth Lillskau, a German teacher at Prairie Schools in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, we learned all about the wonderful student exchange program she has with the Gymnasium Ebingen School in Albstadt, Germany.