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World Language Department Grant

Xperitas supports and recognizes the educational goals of World Language departments in schools that travel with Xperitas We provide additional resources to enhance the language learning experience of all students in the world language classrooms, whether they travel abroad on an immersion trip or not.This grant is automatically provided when the following criteria is met:

Groups studying World Language from the same school travel with six or more students on an Xperitas program in the same or alternate years.

Number of Groups

Grant Award

2 $500
3 $750
4 $1000

World Language departments have used this grant to purchase new classroom technology, to subscribe to international media and to provide opportunities for students to attend language-related performances and events off campus. Xperitas requests that recipients of this grant submit a report of how the money is used by August 31.


The Xperitas Classroom Grant

The Xperitas Classroom Grant ($250) is awarded annually to a teacher who organizes and leads a group of 18 or more students on any single Xperitas language immersion program abroad.