Xperitas Portal

Xperitas Portal

What can I do on my portal?

View your itinerary and other program details

To view your itinerary at any time, click on Program Details -> View Program Itinerary-> Itinerary Details. Your Xperitas Program Manager will email you when your itinerary is significantly updated.

To view your flight information, click on Program Details -> View Program Itinerary-> Flight Information

Make payments

You can make payments with a credit card via your portal by expanding the Payments tab and clicking on Submit a Payment. You can also keep track of payments you have already made as well as any fees or credits attributed to your account.

Please note that your final program price will be solidified about 3-4 weeks before the final payment deadline. Until the final price is listed, you will see an estimated price based on your group’s custom bid or based on the published price. Don’t be startled that your Amount Owed displays as a negative balance until the final price is listed. This negative number indicates how much you have paid and how many credits you will receive, all of which will be deducted from the final program price when it is listed.

Please refer to the payment schedule to stay up-to-date on deadlines and amounts due. Your final invoice will be emailed to you 3-4 weeks before the final payment deadline. You will also receive payment reminders one week before the deadline. 

Verify personal information and list emergency contact information

It is very important that each traveler’s personal information is correct and complete. Xperitas requires that the name on your account match your name as it is listed on your passport because this is the name we use to purchase airline tickets. If there are discrepancies, the airline may charge you a fine.

You can edit your personal information in the portal by clicking on the gear icon in the top right-hand corner. However, once you have submitted your passport information and clicked to confirm that the name listed in your portal matches that on your passport, you will no longer be able to edit your name. You will not be able to change your email address or your date of birth yourself, so please email Xperitas if these items are incorrectly listed.

This is also where travelers list their medical and dietary needs. Please make sure all medical conditions are listed, as well as any medications taken. If your medical or dietary status changes before departure, please update your portal with this information.

Submit passport information

Below you can find the deadlines for travelers to submit required passport information through their Xperitas Portal:

  • Winter program travelers (those departing in January or February) must enter and submit their passport information and documents to Xperitas by September 1, 2019.
  • Spring program travelers (those departing in March or April) must enter and submit their passport information and documents to Xperitas by December 1, 2019.
  • Summer program travelers (those departing in May, June, July or August) must enter and submit their passport information and documents to Xperitas by February 1, 2020.

If you do not submit your passport information in accordance with your program's deadline, a $40 fee will be charged to your account. It is the responsibility of individual participants to secure any other appropriate travel documents (refer to the list of required travel documents).

Submit your Family Stay Application

Please follow the instructions listed in the Family Stay Application tab to submit your family stay application, your letter to your host family and your two photos.

Collect gifts from friends and family with My Travel Fund

To read more about My Travel Fund, visit the page on our website.

Monitor your group status

Group leaders can monitor who has enrolled, how much they have paid and if they have submitted their medical information, passport information and family stay materials (if applicable).

Log in

To log in to your portal, click on "My LogIn" at the top of any page, or click here.