Faculty-Led Programs

Faculty-Led Programs

Learn about Xperitas' custom, academic Community Partnership Programs

Xperitas partners with higher education institutions and their faculty to design customized international and domestic experiential learning programs. Our longterm, sustainable partnerships with indigenous and marginalized communities allow us to offer cultural immersion experiences that meet your educational goals, while also serving the needs and preserving the culture of our partnership communities.

How it works

Through our partnerships with indigenous and rural communities both within the U.S. and abroad, Xperitas designs mutually beneficial cross-cultural immersion programming. Because of our intentional approach to relationship-building, our participants engage in authentic short-term immersion programming where students deeply engage with the community. This allows students to better understand aspects of their culture, while also reflecting upon themselves.

Communities identify development projects around which they would like to partner. Participants work alongside community members, stay with local families or in communal lodging and share meals. Xperitas provides trained team leaders to manage logistics and the community partnership as well as facilitate reflection to gain deeper knowledge.

Design an academic program to complement your curriculum

Offices of Study Abroad, Service-Learning, Multicultural Services, International Students Services or Alternative Spring Breaks can partner with Xperitas to design a custom faculty-led program that best fits your educational goals and student needs. Our programs can be aligned with a variety of class topics and disciplines, such as language, communication, social work, architecture, education, medical, cross-cultural relations and many more.

Additionally, colleges and universities can collaborate with Xperitas as a preferred vendor for students interested in participating individually on our publicly posted programs. Participants from partner institutions may have access to discounted program prices.

Xperitas provides dedicated staff to create the best learning experience, organizing all logistics of the program while also working with team leaders and communities to create a transformative experience.

Carroll University Testimonial

"One of the biggest takeaways from students on Xperitas programs is the students’ ability to find strategies for effectively communicating with and working with people from another culture. This is achieved through working side by side with locals on a community project and spending most of their day in the community." - Carroll University

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An immersive learning experience

Xperitas community partnership programs offer a uniquely immersive learning experience for educators and students. Team leaders facilitate daily reflection, creating opportunities for students to gain a deeper understanding of their experiences. Many communities share their indigenous languages and unique traditions with the students, and the concept of cultural preservation is an essential lesson on all program. After reflecting on their experiences, students return home transformed, ready to engage more deeply in their campus and community.

Imagine your students:

  • Seeing sustainability and food systems in action with the Anishinaabe people of the White Earth Reservation in Minnesota.
  • Practicing Spanish and learning about the rich weaving tradition of the Maya people of Cantel, Guatemala.
  • Taking a sociology class to the next level by learning about community development and dynamics with the Maasai people of Kilomeni, Tanzania.

What to expect from us

Programming includes:

  • all lodging and transportation while in the destination
  • most meals (including all meals while in community)
  • comprehensive short-term international health insurance
  • a portion of the project fund for the duration of your trip
  • orientation materials to help you prepare for engaging with the community
  • re-entry materials to continuing your learning in your home community
  • access to a robust alumni network

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