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Xperitas cultural and language immersion programs open minds, connect people and transform lives. Here you will find stories from leaders, teachers, alumni and staff -- all of the diverse voices that make up our interconnected global community.

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Meet Brooke Marchewka

New Associate Director of Community Partnership Programs

Brooke started her new position at Xperitas on June 30 and in the first few weeks of her tenure, we have been impressed with her intelligence, drive, eagerness, warmth and a strong belief in and adherence to Xperitas’ mission and values. In this...

Spring 2018 Travel Recap: Leaders

Ratings and Reviews from Spring 2018 Trip Leaders

During the Spring 2018 travel season (March - May), Xperitas groups traveled to seven different countries for French, German and Spanish language immersion experiences. Overall, it sure sounds like it was a great spring for our language immersion...

Teacher Spotlight: Barbara Koester

How she built a successful and consistent immersion program through Xperitas

Barbara Koester's first travel group started small, with only two students from her school. Now, 31 years later, her travel group has grown to 28 students. How did she do it?

Spring 2018 Travel Recap: Parents

What did parents of travelers think of their child's immersion program?

While many parents speak directly to the positive impacts of their child's cultural and language immersion experience, from things like improved self-confidence to sharpened language and cultural competency skills, many parents also mention that...

Community Partnership Program Update

Facilitation Training with Our Team Leader Development Committee

To help with the process of facilitating cross-cultural discussion and problem-solving, our Community Partnership Program team leaders, and team leaders in training, met at the Xperitas office in Minneapolis for a workshop session facilitated by...

Spring 2018 Travel Recap: Students

Ratings and Reviews from our Spring 2018 Travelers

All Spring 2018 language immersion program participants have returned home safely from their trips abroad. As we look forward to the summer travel season, we wanted to take a moment to reflect on the past year, which was one of our best ever! But...

A Salute to Our Language Teachers

Thank you for helping us achieve our mission

On this Teacher’s Day, 2018, Xperitas salutes ALL teachers for the crucial role they are playing in developing the young people who will be the decision-makers in our communities for decades to come.  But we especially applaud those teachers that...

Teacher Testimonial: Justin Peeper

Why I Choose to Travel with Xperitas

I have been collaborating with Xperitas since 2008 to take my Spanish students overseas, and I cannot imagine working with a more dedicated group of professionals.

Teacher Testimonial: Cathy Stresing

Why I Choose to Travel with Xperitas

The commitment that everyone involved in the organization has to help teachers and students have the richest possible experience is nothing short of remarkable.

Teacher Testimonial: Linda Havas

Why I Choose to Travel with Xperitas

Over 20 years and 17 trips later, I can't imagine traveling with anyone else.

Teacher Testimonial: Jane Ditewig

Why I Choose to Travel with Xperitas

Our Xperitas planned school exchange has earned the accolades of students, families, administrations and communities, and the impact and connections reach well beyond the individuals traveling.

2018 Xperitas Alumni Scholarship Winner

Alumni Stories Series

We are pleased to announce the winner of our 2018 Xperitas Alumni Scholarship: Lily Hauptman of Ladue Horton Watkins High School in Saint Louis, Missouri.

Language Teacher Spotlight: Nicole Weaver

Award-winning trilingual children's book author

Nicole Weaver, a high school French and Spanish teacher in Denver, is the author of several award-winning trilingual children's books.

Global Leaders Conference 2018 Recap

Recapping another successful weekend

Xperitas held our annual Global Leaders Conference in Bloomington from January 26-28. We were joined by about a hundred language teachers from across the United States, all of whom are leading immersion programs abroad in 2018. Many of our...

Building Community in La Push

Working with the Quileute Nation

After breaking free of busy rush hour traffic leaving Seattle, we drove into a new world—winding narrow roads hugging the rugged coastline, passing through the lush rainforests of Olympic National Park. The rain poured down as we approached La...