Celebrating Anishinaabe traditions on World Environment Day

Anishinaabe traditions

Creating healthy, holistic, and sustainable relationships with the land

On this World Environment Day, we would like to highlight our partners in White Earth, Minnesota who are promoting self-reliance built on Anishinaabe traditions and healthy, holistic, and sustainable relationships with the land. As part of a virtual program last month, students learned about the traditions and health benefits of growing your own food while planting vegetable gardens at home with Diane from White Earth Tribal and Community College Extension Service. Then, Maggie and Grace from the White Earth Land Recovery Project shared the many ways in which their organization supports community gardening, celebrates Indigenous foods, and promotes community development through a good relationship with the earth. Miigwech Diane, Maggie, and Grace!

To learn more about this important work, check out the White Earth Tribal and Community College Facebook page and the White Earth Land Recovery Project.


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Partnering with Purpose

Our Goal

At Xperitas, we work with teachers to provide their students with outstanding language and cultural immersion experiences. As a non-profit we are mission driven. We believe that when students have an authentic experience outside of the classroom, using their language skills in a different culture, they make a deeper cultural connection. Our programs are designed to inspire students to make personal connections with communities worldwide and gain greater cultural competency. The benefits of student language immersion travel abroad reported to us by teachers, parents and the students themselves are as follows: 

  • A better understanding of language and the nuance of dialect 
  • An understanding of language within the context of the culture 
  • A greater awareness of different perspectives  
  • A sense of increased independence, self-sufficiency, and cultural competence 

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