Carroll University Testimonial

Carroll University

Faculty-Led Program Q&A Testimonial

A faculty member at Carroll University shares her experience with Xperitas' Community Partnership Program


Why have you chosen to partner with Xperitas for the cross-cultural component of your curriculum/course?

We have chosen to partner with Xperitas because their approach to cultural immersion aligns well with our Cross-Cultural Experience Courses as interaction with members of the local culture is a key aspect of their programs. Xperitas has also been invited into the communities in which they partner with. This demonstrates Xperitas’s commitment to reciprocity. Our students and faculty have traveled to three different locations with them and each location has exceeded our programming expectations.


How does the Xperitas program complement your coursework?

Our students meet in the classroom before traveling with Xperitas to learn about the culture they will be visiting and participate in team building and intercultural activities. This allows the student to have some framework when they are immersed in the culture and helps their movement through the experiential learning cycle. The Xperitas programs complement the coursework through achieving learning outcomes for the Cross-Cultural Experience Courses. 

How does Xperitas staff help facilitate the educational experience for your students?

One thing I noticed right away when I traveled with an Xperitas student group was the time that was built into the program for reflection to help students become more confident in the new setting and offer new ways of seeing and understanding.  Some students have never been on plane before so the processing of their experience is invaluable to their growth and development of their intercultural competence.

Have you observed a change in student performance/perspective, after an Xperitas CCE course?  If yes, please explain.

One of the biggest takeaways from students on Xperitas programs is the students’ ability to find strategies for effectively communicating with and working with people from another culture. This is achieved through working side by side with locals on a community project and spending most of their day in the community.


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