We share your passion for language and learning. 

We are not your typical travel company. We are a nonprofit educational organization guided not by profit, but by our mission of: transforming lives through shared global experience and intercultural learning. To help us advance our mission, we focus on program accessibility by offering an extensive Financial Aid program. The majority of our Program Managers are former language teachers themselves, and all of our immersion program team members are fluent in their programs' languages and have spent extensive time abroad. They know how to help language teachers like you reach your educational goals for your middle or high school language students through a short-term language immersion program.

Xperitas was the recipient of the the 2018 Pro Lingua Award by the Minnesota Council on the Teaching of Languages and Cultures! Each year at their conference, MCTLC bestows its Pro Lingua Award, “in recognition of outstanding service to and support of education in world languages and cultures."


Xperitas' culturally rich Language Immersion Programs allow students to live the language!

We strive to offer only the most authenitc language and cultural immersion experiences. Most participants on an Xperitas Language Immersion Program participate in our unique Family Stay Experience. Together, the family and student share meals, routines, traditions and most importantly, the target language with each other. This creates an environment of total language and cultural immersion that is unmatched in any other cross-cultural experience. Students learn and grow while sharing their own culture and traditions with their host family, all while making connections that can last a lifetime!

We value your educational goals.

Program leaders/teachers and their students are expected to speak the target language during the entire duration of their program. This provides invaluable practice of language skills learned in the classroom in real-life situations with native speakers.

Where will language take you and your students?

To learn more about what kind of language-centered cultural activities you might experience with Xperitas, view the language specific links above!