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Welcome to the Xperitas blog archive. Find teacher, student and family perspectives on language and cultural immersion travel. You can also find useful tips for traveling abroad and past Xperitas news and events. Inspired to tell your story? We would love to hear how language immersion travel has transformed your life. Travel joyfully!

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Spanish Cultural Heritage

Flamenco is a genuine Spanish art, originating in Andalusia around the 18th century. It is comprised of three things: "Cante", the song, "Baile", the dance, and "Toque", the playing of the guitar. Learn more about this cultural dance tradition.

TAPAS España

Emily, Xperitas Program Manager for Spain and Puerto Rico, shares one of her favorite Spanish breakfast treats.

Service-learning & Student Development

Read this interview with Julie Rogers Bascom, a service-learning leader from Minneapolis, MN. She has been helping youth workers, teachers and young people to use service-learning as a strategy to solve problems in their communities for over 17 years.

2020 Alumni Scholarship Winner

Madisen Bell, the Xperitas Alumni Scholarship winner for the 2020 program year is currently a first-year student studying to be a French language teacher at the University of Nebraska Lincoln. She traveled to France with her classmates and her teacher, Madame Tangen, in spring 2019. It was a life changing experience for Madisen who said in her essay, “The France trip provided me with the experience I needed to decide what path to take in my life.”

The Importance Of Language & Cultural Immersion

Hunter is a recipient of the Bob & Edie Green Writing Scholarship. Read Hunter's essay.

Get That Coffee Easily by Saying "Please" and ''Thank You"

Stephanie is a recipient of the Bob & Edie Green Writing Scholarship. Read Stephanie's essay.

Bring Me That Horizon

Sam is a recipient of the Bob & Edie Green Writing Scholarship. Read Sam's essay.

Bursting My Culture Bubble

Bethanne is a recipient of the Bob & Edie Green Writing Scholarship. Read Bethanne's essay.

Bob & Edie Green Writing Scholarship

At Xperitas, we strive to make our transformative language immersion programs available to students who might not otherwise have the means to participate. Now, we are excited to announce a new merit-based scholarship opportunity for our participants: The Bob & Edie Green Writing Scholarship!

2019 Summer Language Programs Recap

That’s a wrap, folks! In 2019 French, German, Spanish and Mandarin Chinese language students traveled abroad with Xperitas to nine different countries to enjoy an intercultural immersion experience!

Successful German Exchange Programs

We recently talked to Beth Lillskau, a German teacher at Prairie Schools in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, about the wonderful exchange program she has with Gymnasium Ebingen, a high school located in Albstadt, Germany.

New Scholarships

Xperitas announces a new merit-based scholarship opportunity for our participants: The Bob & Edie Green Writing Scholarship! These scholarships are in addition to need-based financial aid grants awarded to qualifying students every year. 

GAPP Support Program

If your school’s German program has a GAPP exchange partner school, or if you are looking to establish one and start sending students aboard, partnering with Xperitas may be a great way to help you reach your program’s educational goals. 

2019 Global Leaders Conference

The focus of the conference is on program planning and preparation. Teachers and Leaders meet individually with their Program Manager and international partners to review program details and finalize plans. Both teachers and Xperitas staff benefitted from having one-on-one face time, and the opportunity to discuss their itineraries and activities in detail.

2019 Xperitas Alumni Scholarship Winner

One of the highlights of our annual Global Leaders Conference is announcing the recipient of our Xperitas Alumni Scholarship. This January, we were pleased to announce that we have selected Daniel Brand, of University Lake School in Hartland, Wisconsin, as the winner of the 2019 Xperitas Alumni Scholarship.

Language Advocacy Day 2019

Xperitas is dedicated to providing cultural and language immersion experiences that advance our mission, and for that reason we believe it is vital to show support for language programs and language teachers while advocating for study abroad programs. On February 19 and 20, Xperitas Executive Director Leslie Gale and Director of Language programs Jenny Behrens traveled to Washington, D.C., to join the Minnesota delegation at Language Advocacy Day, sponsored by the Joint National Committee for Language.

2018 Photo Contest

Each year, Xperitas holds a photo contest, which provides an opportunity for all of that year’s immersion program participants to share their experience with the larger Xperitas community (and the opportunity to win prizes!). This year we were blown away by the volume and quality of entries we received. 

Xperitas Pro Lingua Award

Xperitas was honored with the Pro Lingua Award, “in recognition of outstanding service to and support of education in world languages and cultures. It is bestowed “in recognition of outstanding service to and support of education in world languages and cultures." 

Holiday Recipes and Traditions

As we reflect upon a new year year of delivering our transformative language and cultural immersion programs, we'd like to share some of our staff's favorite holiday pastimes and food recipes with our Xperitas community. We hope you read, enjoy and share!

A Fantastic Adventure

Virginie Donzo, French Program Manager, reflects on her summer language immersion travel program to France with an Xperitas group composed of three schools from Minnesota and Illinois. 

Returning to Germany

Katharina McCawley, German Programs Manager, reflects on her German immersion program travels with group of three schools from Washington and Illinois.

Unforgettable Memories with my Xperitas Groups

Emma Rojas, Spanish Program Manager, reflects on her immersion travel programs to Mexico and Peru with student groups from the United States.

2018 Summer Immersion Programs Recap

After reviewing all the feedback and input from our post-travel surveys, we’d like to take this opportunity to share some of the results with the Xperitas community.

A Two-Way Street

This June, The Blake School, an independent high school in Minneapolis, departed for a Mandarin Chinese immersion program with Xperitas. The educational journey was a result of a year of preparation planning between the school’s language department, Xperitas and our partners in Asia to develop a six-week-long program.

Girl peeking out a window

Share Your Language Immersion Experience

Whether you have traveled recently or long ago, your perspective is valuable to the Xperitas family of language and cultural immersion explorers. We travel for the love of language, but it is the connections we make along the way that stay within our hearts and minds. Send us your story today.