Xperitas 2018 Photo Contest Results

#Xperitas2018 Photo Contest Results

And the winners are ...

2018 Photo Contest Winners

Each year, Xperitas holds a photo contest, which provides an opportunity for all of that year’s immersion program participants to share their experience with the larger Xperitas community (and the opportunity to win prizes!). This year we were blown away by the volume and quality of entries we received. We had a record number of submissions, and it was certainly not an easy task to decide upon this year's winners! But without further ado, here are the #Xperitas2018 prize winners! (PS - there is a gallery at the bottom of this article featuring some of our favorite submisisons.)

Grand Prize ($100 Gift Card): Kalia of Lincoln High School, Manitowoc, WI

Kalia Thao, from Lincoln High School in Manitowoc, Wisconsin, demonstrated a keen eye for detail, color and composition in the photos she submitted from her immersion program to Spain. From mystical landscapes to bustling city streets, from flowers to churches, from fountains to new friends to selfies, we were awestruck with her work!  We allow multiple entries into our photo contest, because we know it’s hard for entrants to select just one photo out of their many travel shots. This year, our grand prize winner Kalia submitted over two dozen, and each one of them were wonderful!

First Runner-Up ($50 gift card): Brianna O'Donnell, Richfield High School

We also extend congratulations to Brianna, from Richfield High School in Minnesota. Her colorful photo from the streets of Campeche, Mexico, blew us away!

Second Runner-Up ($50 Gift Card): Abigaile Reed, Rochester High School

Finally, we’d like to commend to our second runner-up, Abigaile from Rochester High School, who provided us with many wonderful entries on Instagram as she chronicled her French language immersion program! Here is one of our favorites, a shot of love locks from the Passerelle des Arts over the River Seine, with just a glimpse of the Eifel Tower in the top right corner. C'est magnifique !

Thank you again to everyone who submitted pictures of their Xperitas experience in 2018. If you are interested in seeing more of Kalia's work and other Xperitas participants' travel photos, please search the #Xperitas2018 hashtag on Instagram! We also have a scrolling gallery below where you can view a curated assortment of all our great submissions!

If you are traveling in 2019 with Xperitas and would like to enter our #Xperitas2019 Photo Contest, you can read our complete terms and conditions.

Thank you for the memories, travelers! We are already receiving entries from 2019!


PC: Abigaile Reed

PC: Alaxandra Scharschell

PC: Alexandria Rohs

PC: Brianna O'Donnell

PC: Brooke Faber

PC: Cale Johnson

PC: Casey Dahl

PC: Clare S.

PC: Haliegh Zanoni

PC: Isabella Thiel

PC: Jaffrey Hedegaard

PC: Kalia Thao

PC: Kalia Thao

PC: Lorena Torres

PC: Samuel Verbrugge

PC: Nichole Smithson

PC: Samantha M.

PC: Miles G.

PC: Rachel Ganey

PC: Rachel Medina

PC: Kayleigh C.

PC: Nadia Netolicky

PC: Alicia Stepin

PC: Avery Elferly