Why Choose Xperitas?

Why Xperitas?

There are plenty of providers to consider when planning a foreign language immersion program or a cultural immersion program for your students. So why go with Xperitas? Let's start with our name!

We are experienced.

Xperitas was formed by combining the shared experience of two nonprofit organizations: Intercultural Student Experiences (ISE) and Global Citizens Network (GCN). For 45 years (first as ISE), students and families have enjoyed safe, enriching and educational immersion experiences through our Language Immersion Programs

Since 1992, Xperitas (first as GCN) has been a leader in cross-cultural programs, the spirit of which lives on in our Community Partnership Programs, which offer participants the opportunity to partner with indigenous and marginalized communities around the world.

We share your passion for language and learning.

Students and teachers/group leaders are expected to speak the target language during the entire language immersion program. This provides invaluable practice of language skills learned in the classroom in real-life situations with native speakers.

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You have a personal connection to our team.

Xperitas has an experienced program manager team who speak the language of their destinations, and we work with trusted partners abroad to ensure high quality, safe and fun programs.

We are a nonprofit organization.

Xperitas is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. As such, Xperitas’ foremost goal is to achieve our mission rather than to generate a profit.

We help you and your group prepare.

Xperitas provides a variety resources to teachers, leaders and participants prepare participants for travel abroad. We offer access to country-specific informational handbooks, monthly travel newsletters, a special traveler podcast channel, and much more! Xperitas also sponsors an annual Global Leaders Conference for our traveling teachers to help them prepare for their experience.

We love teachers, and teachers love us!

We share your passion for language and learning! Most of our program managers are former language teachers themselves. We offer many benefits to our traveling teachers, including grants for their classrooms and/or world language departments, as well as a referral reward program!

We make our programs accessible.

Xperitas maintains a financial aid program to increase access to our programs for all students regardless of their financial background. Last year, through our Global Learners Scholarship and Financial Aid Grant Programs, we awarded more than $110,000 to qualifying individuals and institutions.

Xperitas has the experience, staff and resources to help you create the best possible language and/or cultural immersion program for you and your students!

Please contact us if you have more questions about us, or if you'd like to start planning your next immersion program today!