Trip Cancellation & Delay Insurance Program

Cancellation or Delay Coverage

NEW! Financial peace-of-mind added to our language immersion programs

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Trip Cancellation & Delay Insurance Program

Participant health and safety is always a priority at Xperitas. We want to make sure all our participants are covered in case of unforeseen complications when planning or traveling. Through the International Volunteer Programs Association (IVPA) we have secured this trip cancellation insurance program for our participants.


Trip Cancellation Insurance Program Coverage Highlights

  • This program provides additional coverages that are not included in the Core Travel Medical and Trip Cancellation Insurance that Xperitas provides to all our travelers.
  • Trip cancellation coverage up to $2,000 should you need to cancel your participation prior to the program start date if you are impacted by illness (including COVID-19), required to quarantine related to COVID-19 or experience accidental injury and other covered events.
  • Trip delay and trip interruption coverage up to $2,000 should you be impacted by illness (including COVID-19), required to quarantine related to COVID-19 or experience accidental injury or other covered events that occur during your program.


The Trip Cancellation Insurance Program is separate from the included Core Travel Medical and Trip Cancellation Insurance policy and is included for all 2023 language immersion program participants. Xperitas will cover the cost up to $2,000 (food, lodging, and transportation up to $150/day) if a leader needs to remain in country because a student(s) is in quarantine. 

Click here for the detailed IVPA FAQ from the insurer.