Traveler Update

World Events Affecting Travel

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Updated March 20, 2020

The events of the past couple of months since the outbreak of COVID-19 have been unprecedented in our lifetime. The U.S. President’s temporary ban on travel from Europe, the U.S. State Department’s Global Level 4 Travel Advisory, and the CDC’s assigning the highest risk assessment level to most of Europe are consequences of the current uncertain, unpredictable, and unsafe international travel environment.

Because of this, Xperitas made the very difficult decision to cancel all its language immersion programs from now until August 31st, 2020.

You might question the need for us to cancel programs several months in advance. Xperitas language immersion programs require months of advance planning and preparation to carefully structure the entire experience and to select quality host family placements. Our primary goal is to provide students with a high-quality, safe, and fun immersion experience. Because we are not 100% confident that this required level of preparation can take place in the environment and circumstances that the world is now experiencing, we have made the decision to cancel all summer programs. 

We are also trying to look forward, so are currently planning programs and enrolling travelers for spring and summer 2021 programs. Please note: We have adjusted our cancelation policy for 2021 to reflect our hopefulness that regular travel will resume but also to protect the interests of our travelers. Our 2021 cancelation policy will provide enrollees the opportunity to receive a full refund up until the final  2021 program registration date.

The Xperitas teams hopes you, our teachers, students and families are staying safe and healthy and we look forward to serving you in the future!