Traveler Insurance

Travel Insurance

What is covered?

All Xperitas program participants are covered by Xperitas’ traveler insurance,  Core™Travel insurance, which includes evacuation for groups who “are at risk of grave physical harm or death” due to a natural disaster or political instability while traveling abroad. 

In the event that a participant falls ill or has an accident while traveling, the group leader(s) will ensure the traveler receives medical attention immediately. Limited insurance for minor illness or accidents and trip cancellation insurance is provided for all Xperitas program participants. Coverage details, policies and instructions can be found on this FAQ document. The insurance policy pays 100% of covered expenses for emergency medical evacuation, and is coordinated by Generali Global Assistance, a travel assistance company that operates around the world in conjunction with our insurer. The Generali Global Assistance emergency hotline is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

How to print out an insurance card

Xperitas participants should print out their insurance card prior to departure and carry it with them while traveling. The insurance card for our Core™Travel insurance coverage with Xperitas can be accessed and printed from the Core Travel Insurance website. Click on the button that says “Go to your Profile”. There you will find an button that says “Print Insurance Card”.

Note: Pre-existing conditions, mental illness and pregnancy are not covered by the insurance policy included with Xperitas programs. Therefore, we recommend that each traveler's own comprehensive medical insurance be current and include coverage for the destination country.