The Best Language Immersion Experience for Students

Authentic Language Immersion Programs for Students

Becoming "Temporary Locals" Abroad

"Travel is rich with learning opportunities, and the ultimate souvenir is a broader perspective."

- Rick Steves -

At Xperitas, we work with teachers to provide their students with outstanding language immersion experiences. As a nonprofit we are mission-driven. We believe that when students have an authentic experience outside of the classroom, using their language skills in a different culture, they make a deeper cultural connection. Our programs are designed to inspire students to make personal connections with communities worldwide and gain greater cultural competency. The benefits of student language immersion travel abroad reported to us by teachers, parents and the students themselves are as follows: 

  • A better understanding of language and the nuance of dialect 
  • An understanding of language within the context of the culture 
  • A greater awareness of different perspectives  
  • A sense of increased independence, self-sufficiency, and cultural awareness 

Here are some of the ways our carefully developed language immersion programs provide students with opportunities to increase their language proficiency and intercultural learning: 


Sites of Historical & Cultural Interest

BuildingExperienced Program Managers carefully select sites of interest to provide students with context of the country they are visiting. At Xperitas, we understand the connection between language and culture and seek to give students a truly transformative experience. We include a variety of sites in the program price but there are options to add or customize your program to fit your curriculum.  


Local Foods & Exotic Flavors

bowl and chopsticksImmersion travel engages all the senses! Food is a universal icebreaker and is often a way to get even the shyest student to use their language skills. Xperitas programs provide opportunities to sample regional food in town squares and activity centers, local restaurants, local markets and in local homes with host families. Aromas and flavors abound as students learn to challenge their tastebuds and discover something new.  


Our Celebrated Family Stay Experience®

house and peopleAs part of their immersion program, students may participate in The Family Stay Experience. During the Family Stay Experience, students stay with a local volunteer host family, speaking the target language and experiencing daily life as a member of that community. This fusion of everyday language usage and living like a "temporary local" creates a dynamic for sharing, greater understanding and bringing language and culture to life! When surveyed, nine out of ten students consider this to be their favorite part of the trip. Many students and host families stay in touch for years afterward; The connections made during the Family Stay Experience can last a lifetime! 

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Activities Unique to the Region Visited 

treesAll itineraries include activities designed for education and fun. Our experienced Program Managers also look for beloved attractions as well as activities of local significance in the region visited. We include a variety of activities in the program price but programs can be customized and activities added to fit your curriculum. Here are some examples of program activities that students can participate in:

  • Kayaking in a bioluminecent bay
  • Ziplining across a jungle canopy
  • Enjoying local hot springs, waterfalls or beaches
  • Trekking up a volcano
  • Boating and swimming on rivers or the ocean
  • Snorkeling and beachcombing


Support for Teachers, Students & Families

Q&A peopleXperitas supports our teachers, students and families in a comprehensive manner. Along with personalized service, we believe insurances and other necessary health and safety measures should already be included in the program price. We want the focus of your trip to be on providing your students with the immersive experience you envisioned without worry. We are also committed to making our short-term immersion travel programs financially accessible to as many students as possible. It is our mission to help you build equity into your world language travel programs and expand opportunities for all students who wish to participate. Rewarding the teachers who work with us is important too. Your hard work in making these student travel programs happen should not go unrecognized! For further information on a particular aspect of our service, please click the link below:


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