Spring 2019 Language Programs a Success!

Spring 2019 Language Programs Recap

By every measure, it was a transformative and successful spring travel season!

Every Xperitas group has returned home safely from their spring language immersion program abroad! Whether they traveled as students of French, German or Spanish language, the feedback we received has been outstanding and inspiring, as much of it confirms what we strive to produce in our participants during an Xperitas immersion program: an increase in language and intercultural skills and a heightened desire to continue intercultural experiences and language learning.

On average, students rated their overall language immersion program experience a 9 out of 10. Beyond that:

  • 90.3% reported an increase in their leadership skills
  • 95.49% reported an increase in their confidence levels
  • 94.74% reported an increase in their self-esteem
  • 93.98% reported an increase in their ability to empathize
  • 96.97% reported an increase in their global competency skills
  • 97.73% reported an increase in their target language skills


The Xperitas Family Stay Experience rocks!

One of the most unique program offerings that sets us apart from other immersive travel organizations is our Family Stay Experience, in which our participants are placed with a local host family. It can be one of the most challenging aspects of a program abroad, as students leave the comforts of their group and enter life with a family that they’ve never met. However, the Family Stay Experience is consistently noted as the time when participants felt the most immersed and their language skills improve the most! But don’t take our word for it …

Hear what our spring travelers had to say about it!

We did many fun activities together and the family was extremely welcoming and kind. We went to the seaside together, a couple of musical events in the community, the city, and to the school there. I got to see a lot about the daily life of students there. The meals were very good. I got to talk and share experiences with the whole family and have quality bonding time.

 – Grace, Seattle Academy (France)

The family stay was really when I felt fully immersed. Driving to school with my host, listening to German music, attending classes taught entirely in a foreign language to native speakers, eating the food, everything was so new and yet so authentic- nothing in the tiny village we stayed in was geared towards tourists.

– Ayla Rae, Sun Prairie Middle School (Germany)

My host sister was really interested in helping me learn and was very encouraging. My family cooked a lot of foods that were common in Spain so I could experience their culture. They made me feel welcome and took very good care of me

– Julia, Apple Valley High School (Spain)

My family was so welcoming and prepared for my visit! They fed me traditional French foods, taught me about their family life and culture, and treated me as a member of their family.

– Tess P, Whitnall High School (France)

During my family stay, having the chance to listen to the target language 24/7 really helped my comprehension of German, and from there I was able to generate responses back to my host family.

– Paige W, Prairie Middle School (Germany)

I loved the little moments after dinner where we just talked freely. They asked me things about America, and I asked them about France. This was great to improve my speaking skills, while also learning new words. I also loved going out shopping with my host sister and her best friend. In the family stay, my host family did not speak English very well (besides my host sister who is learning it in school), but I was happy at that because it really pushed me to only speak French. We did a lot of talking and when I didn't know how to say something, or understand, they made it easy for me to learn.

 – Karyna Kolley, De Anza High School (France)

Parents were wowed by the positive impacts of their children’s Xperitas program!

  • 96% of our parents were either satisfied or extremely satisfied with their child’s experience with Xperitas!
  • 96% of parents said their child was prepared or very well prepared!
  • 98% of parents said their child’s language skills improved.
  • 95% noticed an improvement in their child’s global competency skills
  • 94% noticed an increase in their child’s confidence.
  • 93% noticed an increased level of self-esteem in their children.
  • 86% noticed an increase in their child’s leadership skills


According to parents, their children built global competency skills, grew their self-esteem and self-reliance, and were inspired to pursue further language and intercultural learning opportunities because of their Xperitas Language Immersion Program.

My son had a fantastic time. He wanted to go back before he was even home. The family stay was great for him. Hiking, youth group, family birthday party, relaxing at the family home, hanging out with his host brothers’ friends and checking out the city. He really enjoyed the complete package of this trip!  He would not have taken French in school for 4 years if this trip wasn't planned. And now he is taking a 5th year of French. My son has always been a saver. But having to save and earn money to pay for the majority of this trip was a lifelong lesson. He is hoping to visit France and other Countries in the future.

 – Brandy, parent of a France immersion program participant

My son, who is someone who does not love foreign language and can't wait to complete his two years, came home and stated, "I'm taking four years of French.”

– Ronalee, parent of a France immersion program participant

The Family Stay was fantastic. My son fit right in with the family. We hope to stay in touch. Love that he had an opportunity to improve his French and enjoy himself.

–Molly, parent of a Belgium and France immersion program participant

Your kids will never know what the world has to offer if you never let them see it and experience it firsthand, and this is a safe and exciting way to do it--by immersing them directly into the culture--not just by being a tourist. How better can they have empathy and understanding of other parts of the world than by being a part of it. My greatest joy was seeing him gain the confidence and desire to travel internationally and not be intimidated by it, but to love it and want to experience more in different countries and cultures that are different from ours. His curiosity and interest in international studies was always there, but this has piqued the drive to experience more than what he is familiar with. I am most grateful that he had this experience before going away for a year as a Rotary exchange student in Germany. It was a wonderful glimpse into what it will be like for him.

– Michelle, parent of a Germany immersion program participant

Parents rated their overall experience interacting with Xperitas at 9 out of 10!

Hearing these testimonials and positive feedback puts a little spring into our step for the summer travel season, which is now underway! We can’t wait to see what transformations and growth our summer students will experience.