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We believe that preparation and reflection are keys to a successful and meaningful program. That's why we've compiled an array of resources to help you, your child or your group have the best experience possible before, during and after your program. Use the filters below to identify resources by audience, type, theme and/or when to use.

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Terms and Conditions - Language Programs


Download the Terms and Conditions for Language Program participants.

The Importance of Self-Awareness

Critical Thinking Activity

We all belong to different cultures, and many of our beliefs and personal habits are a result of our cultural backgrounds. In order to become more conscious of why people act the way they do, it is useful to understand that we all make judgements...

Tips for Journaling

Travel Tip and Activity

Journaling is one way to record and remember the wonderful things you observe and experience while traveling. It is also a well-known strategy for developing cross-cultural understanding. Journaling allows for self-reflection by observing...

Understanding Your Comfort Zone

Critical Thinking Activity

You may be the only one in your family traveling away from home, but your whole family can help you prepare for this cross-cultural experience! Prior to departure, take a good look at your routine (your comfort zone) and try to imagine it through...

What to Bring Your Host Family

Practical Activity and Tips

It’s hard to imagine what your host family will be like and how their daily lifestyle is different from your own. You are probably excited to meet them and you want to bring them a gift, but it’s hard to think of a gift that will be unique to...

Writing a Blog Post

Critical Thinking Activity

Xperitas programs change lives. They open minds, connect people and transform the way our participants see the world. And sharing stories and photos from our programs is one way we show prospective participants what to expect and why they should...

Xperitas W-9 Form


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