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Stay connected to immersion travel!

You are part of a unique community of travelers! Whether you are a recent traveler or you have traveled with us in the past, there are many ways to stay connected to Xperitas. Your experience traveling is important to us, but how you used that experience in achieving your life goals is important as well. 


2021 Photo Contest!

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Travel recently? The Xperitas 2021 Photo Contest is open to all Xperitas program participants and leaders who travel in the 2021 calendar year. Photos must be submitted by December 31, 2021.

Alumni Scholarship

One $2,000 scholarship is awarded each year to a student who traveled as a junior or senior on an Xperitas Language Immersion Program. Students are nominated by their teacher.

Civitas Newsletter

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Now that you are part of the Xperitas community, sign up for Civitas, our quarterly newsletter, to stay connected with language immersion travel, news and updates. And sometimes, very special guests!