Parent Meetings

Parent Meeting Materials


Are you ready to host an informational parent meeting to generate interest in your upcoming language immersion program? Xperitas provides you with all the materials you need to answer students’ and parents’ questions and get travelers excited to enroll.

Click on your destination below and find the following materials:

  • A slideshow presentation that will help you organize your meeting and assure that you cover all the relevant topics that parents and students may have questions about.
  • A poster that you can hang in your classroom and around your school to promote the program and spread the word about your meeting time and place.
  • A link to a promotional video will be listed for some destinations, if available.


In addition to the materials listed above, make sure you have parent meeting folders available to share at your meeting. You can request these folders from your Program Manager, and each will include the following items:

  • An itinerary, pricing and inclusions for your chosen program
  • An enrollment checklist with instructions on all steps required to enroll in the program (including your group’s unique registration link)
  • A document that explains how Xperitas host families are chosen
  • Xperitas’ Terms & Conditions


If you would like an Xperitas staff member to attend your parent meeting in person or via Skype, please let your Program Manager know at least two weeks before your meeting. 

Destination-Specific Parent Meeting Resources:

Costa Rica + Nicaragua
Puerto Rico