Pricing and Fundraising

Pricing and Fundraising

Learn about payment schedules, credits, financial aid and more

Browse information on Xperitas pricing, payment schedules and related topics. Xperitas provides a variety of resources to increase accessibility to our programs, including financial aid, scholarships, credits and fundraising support.

Alternate Travel Arrangements

How to request a late return or early departure for your Language Program

Language Program participants may request to change either their outbound or return flight (subject to fare rules and restrictions).

Awards, Contests, Scholarships and Grants

Learn how Xperitas recognizes our participants and leaders

Learn more about the Global Learners Scholarships, Alumni Scholarships, Photo Contests and Grants for Educators.


Learn about credits available to our participants

Learn more about the Early Bird Credit, Hosting Credit, Family Member Credit and Community Partnership Program Credits.

Financial Aid

Xperitas provides need-based financial aid to increase access to our programs

Xperitas is a nonprofit organization. Providing financial aid to students is one way we can meet our mission and increase access to our programs.


Raising money for your program is easier than you think

Traveling abroad is a financial investment at any age, and we know that the cost of travel can be prohibitive for some participants. As a nonprofit organization, part of Xperitas' mission to increase access for participants from all backgrounds...


Learn about Xperitas' provided travel insurance and optional additional coverage

Limited insurance for minor illness or accidents and trip cancellation insurance is provided for all Xperitas travel program participants.

My Travel Fund

Over the years, we have discovered that friends and family want to support our students’ language and cultural immersion programs. That’s why we created My Travel Fund. With this online tool, generous family and friends can quickly and easily...

Payment Schedules and Fees

View payment deadlines and applicable fees for Xperitas programs

All Xperitas participants must be paid in full by the required deadline to participate. Xperitas only sends individual invoices by email for the final program payment. For all other payments, please adhere to the payment schedule that pertains to...

Program Prices

View pricing details for Xperitas programs

Program fees for Community Partnership Programs include all lodging and transportation while in the destination, most meals (including all meals while in community), a trained team leader who to lead the group, comprehensive short-term...


Learn about potential surcharges or additions to your program fee

While most participants will not encounter any surcharges on top of their program price, certain situations do result in an additional cost. Review potential surcharges below, and contact us with any questions.