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United States

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The United States may evoke images of bustling crowds in New York City, celebrity sightings in Hollywood or cowboys and covered wagons in the Wild West, but there's much more to the USA than meets the eye. Fifty states and countless diverse communities make every inch of the country unique. From the farmlands of the Midwest to the Rocky Mountains and from Atlantic to Pacific, Americans are as diverse as the land they live on. A variety of immigrant and native communities lend customs and traditions to the cultural tapestry. Learn about real life in the USA beyond what you've seen in the movies as you practice your English skills with your host family.

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American Adventure

21-Day Language Immersion & Cultural Exploration Program in the U.S.

Learn about daily life in the United States as you live and share with your host family. Throughout your stay, participate in cultural activities with your group and get to know more about the culture and history of your host community. Included...

Hometown USA

21-Day Language Immersion Program in the U.S. - Family Stay Only

Spend three weeks fully immersed in the English language while living with a U.S. host family! Learn and share with your new American family as you experience their lifestyle and take part in their everyday activities. You won't believe how much...

Sports Camp USA

28-Day Language Immersion Program + Sports Camp in the U.S.

Learn about daily life in the United States as you live and share with your host family. Then, join other U.S. American teens in a unique sports camp experience! Whether you like to work the court in basketball or score goals on the soccer field...