Language Programs

Language Programs

We share your passion for language and learning. Speaking the language with native speakers and immersing oneself in the culture through a family stay are essential components of any Xperitas experience. Get inspired by browsing our destinations and learning about the benefits of the family stay.

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Travel takes learning beyond the classroom. Marvel at the monuments and museums you’ve only seen in textbooks. Explore some of the most culturally rich cities in the world. Ignite your sense of wonder at landscapes that take your breath away. Make connections that will last a lifetime. It all starts here.

Why Choose Xperitas?

There are plenty of providers to consider when planning a foreign language immersion program for your students. So why choose Xperitas? Learn why our experience, staff and resources set us apart to help you create the best possible language immersion program for your school and your students.

Financial Aid

As an educator, you want to make sure all your students have the opportunity to extend their learning outside the classroom. Learn more about financial aid for your students.

Family Stay

The family stay experience is the cornerstone of Xperitas' Language Immersion Programs. For more than 40 years, our participants have participated in successful and enriching immersion experiences with local families around the world.

Language Immersion Program FAQs

Find all the answers to your questions in our Language Program FAQs.


Read stories about language immersion experiences from our students and teachers by visiting our blog.