Eligibility and Requirements for Language Immersion Programs

Eligibility and Requirements for Language Immersion Programs

Xperitas Language Immersion Programs are open to world language students and their teachers. Leaders and co-leaders on all Xperitas programs must be at least 22 years of age at the time of travel. Parents and guardians of elementary language immersion students are also eligible to travel with their students on Xperitas' Family Immersion programs. Passport and other document requirements vary by destination.

Language requirement for family stay

From many years of experience we have learned that students with only one year of language learning have a much more difficult time communicating with their host families in the target language. Since speaking in the target language facilitates a deeper, more successful immersion experience for students, Xperitas has set these minimum standards for students on published Language Immersion Programs:

  • Spring Programs: Students must be in 2nd semester of Level II at time of travel
  • Summer, Fall and Winter Programs: Students must have completed Level II at time of travel

Code of Conduct

Xperitas expects students to conduct themselves in a respectful manner while on a program. Students and parents discuss and sign a Code of Conduct prior to enrollment and departure.