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We are as passionate as you are about teaching and learning languages. Our short-term Spanish immersion programs are designed to help middle and high school students build language and intercultural skills that will serve them well in college and beyond.  Each Xperitas Spanish immersion itinerary is designed by a dedicated program manager who is fluent in Spanish and has lived abroad in Spanish-speaking countries. All of our program managers are experts at building programs that match Spanish teachers' educational goals for their students.

Xperitas Spanish immersion programs focus on culturally rich activities and destinations, because we want to deliver the most authentic immersion experience possible. Your students will be able to interact with locals and enjoy cultural experiences in ways far beyond the scope of what ordinary tourists can. Just take a look at some of the unique experiences our itineraries include:

  • Trying some delicious “gallo pinto,” a traditional dish of rice, beans, and spices with your host family in Costa Rica. Bring the recipe back home to make this dish for your family and friends. Make sure to buy a bottle of salsa Lizano, one of the most essential ingredients!
  • Using your Spanish and brush up on your bargaining skills as you navigate the bustling market of Otavalo, Ecuador, in search of authentic artisan handicrafts.
  • After enjoying a freshly cooked meal, learning some new words and dance moves when you spend time with the indigenous population of Los Emberá in Panama.
  • Taking in the sweeping views of Peru as you make your way to Machu Picchu via train along the Urubamba River. Keep your eye out for llamas as you hike around this breathtaking creation of the Inca Empire.
  • Absorbing the art of flamenco in the caves of Sacromonte in Granada, Spain. Listen to the Spanish guitar, el zapateo y las palmas while watching passionate dancers move across the stage.
  • Experiencing day-to-day life in your destination by staying with a local volunteer host family during our Family Stay experience.

Spanish Program Destinations

Spanish teachers, give your students the opportunity to practice their language skills in these destinations:

Argentina  Chile  Costa Rica  Ecuador  Mexico  

Nicaragua  Panama  Peru  Puerto Rico  Spain

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