French Language Immersion Programs

Explore French with Xperitas

We are as passionate as you are about teaching and learning languages. Each French program itinerary is focused on immersing your students in the language and culture of the destination. Students will interact with locals and enjoy cultural experiences like these:

  • Take a ride on the Seine River at night via the Bateaux-Mouches to marvel at the sparkly views and the impressive history of la Ville Lumière.
  • Challenge your taste buds and try the new foods that your host family might serve you! The French culture boasts some delicious specialties, such as bœuf bourguignon, coq au vin and quenelles.
  • Become navigator for a day and lead your group through the winding mazes of the Paris metro! Your students will feel like Parisians by the end of your trip as they skillfully make their way through the crowds to your destination.
  • Get lost in the pedestrian streets of a small town and strike up a conversation with a local shop owner. Grab a crêpe au Nutella or browse the chalkboard menus to choose a restaurant with the best carte du jour.

French Program Destinations

Educators, give your students the opportunity to practice their language skills in these destinations:

Belgium  Canada  France  Switzerland

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