The Hosting Experience

The Hosting Experience

Learn about welcoming an international student into your home

Hosting an international student is enriching in many ways. Your family has the opportunity to share your culture, language and traditions with the visiting student while at the same time learning about theirs. If you're wondering what hosting an international student entails, learn more below.

Selecting and Matching Host Families

Each Xperitas hosting program is managed by a local Family Stay Coordinator. This person, often an educator, works with Xperitas to recruit and match host families for international students and manage the program before, during and after the students' visit. He or she is a member of your community and is the first person you can contact with any questions or concerns you may have.

You may be wondering what host families are typically like. The answer: Xperitas host families are just like yours! Xperitas volunteer host families:

  • are curious about other cultures and desire to share their interests and way of life
  • are of diverse socioeconomic backgrounds and living situations
  • have a young person in the home or are committed to finding a peer with whom their international student will spend time
  • commit to speaking the target language in the home while hosting
  • provide meals, a bed and local transportation for the international student

All U.S. host families must complete the online Host Family Application in full to be considered for hosting. Family Stay Coordinators in other countries may use their own registration processes. Your local Family Stay Coordinator will review your application, contact your references and may request to complete a home visit before confirming your application. He or she will then match you to an international student. This is where the fun begins! Xperitas encourages you to begin communicating with your student as soon as possible – the more you connect, the better the experience will be for everyone.

Preparing to Host

Xperitas and/or your local Family Stay Coordinator will provide you with materials to prepare for the hosting experience. Your coordinator will also provide details on the students' arrival and any scheduled activities or classes that will take place throughout the program.

Sharing Hosting Highlights

The hosting experience will be enriching and rewarding for both your family and the international student! We encourage you to share your hosting experiences with us throughout the program so we can celebrate the highlights with you. A few ways to do this:

  • Post updates on our Facebook page or send stories directly to Xperitas.
  • Share stories or your perspective on the hosting experience by contributing to our blog, whether it’s through more traditional journaling, a photo essay or a creative video clip.

After Your Student Leaves

Even after a short visit, it will be tough to say goodbye to your visiting student! We encourage you to stay in touch with your student and continue the relationship you've built. Many host families and students stay in contact and even continue to visit each other for years to come!

Hosting Program Evaluation

We depend on your feedback to ensure quality programs and make improvements when necessary. After the conclusion of your hosting program, Xperitas will send you an evaluation to gather your thoughts on the experience with us. Please complete the evaluation as completely and candidly as possible.


Families often have many questions before they commit to hosting a student. We have answers for you in our FAQs about Hosting.