Hosting Program Overview

Hosting Program Overview

Learn about hosting international students in your community

Xperitas family stay coordinators help make our programs possible by connecting participants to volunteer host families. Your commitment can be minimal to extensive — from finding host families alone to planning and organizing activities for international students.

There are two ways you in which you can participate :

  • As a Family Finder, you promote hosting in your community and recruit host families, but do not oversee any other program components.
  • As a Family Stay Coordinator, you recruit host families and run the hosting program you select.

You receive a stipend for each host family you recruit, and the stipend amount increases based on your involvement. If you choose to coordinate a program with organized activities, you will receive additional compensation for running the program, along with funds to cover the costs of the planned events.

You’ll be fully supported by Xperitas throughout the process with tools and resources to help you recruit host families and coordinate a positive cross-cultural experience. Xperitas staff are also available to you 24/7 while the international students are in your community.

Your commitment

You will be asked to sign a contract that outlines the specific requirements of your coordinator role. Depending on the program type, you commit to placing a predetermined number of international students with volunteer host families in your community and, if applicable, planning and coordinating all logistics of the organized activities. Learn more about different program types below. Some programs may require you to place a Group Leader with a host family in addition to students. For all programs, Family Stay Coordinators commit to being available and on-call for the international students and their host families throughout the program.

Three essential duties of all Xperitas Family Stay Coordinators:

  • Recruit host families.
  • Match volunteer host families with international students; plan and prepare for your program.
  • Coordinate and oversee the students’ arrival, the program activities (as applicable) and student's departure.

Program Types

Xperitas hosting programs come in many shapes and sizes depending on the community and country of the program and the coordinators' and participants' interests. Below is a summary of common program types; contact us to learn more about program options in your community.

Family Stay Only Programs

The most common family stay format for Xperitas programs outside the United States consists of a family stay only with no organized group activities or classes. Some programs to the U.S. also follow this format. Students in these programs become fully immersed in the lives and schedules of their host families and look forward to the many everyday activities that await them. There are no organized or group activities for students in this program. You will place international students with volunteer host families and serve as their local contact throughout their program. Xperitas provides compensation for the local Family Stay Coordinator.

Family Stay Programs with Organized Activities

Get ready for an adventure with international students! Have fun teaching students about your culture while exploring the attractions of your area and creating dynamic lessons on topics ranging from grammar and slang to history and cooking. You will place students with volunteer host families and provide weekly classes/lessons on the local culture. These classes may include classroom time or be incorporated into activities or excursions. Take this opportunity to learn more about your own community by sharing it with international students. Xperitas provides compensation for the local Family Stay Coordinator and a stipend for group activities.