International Student Hosting

International Student Hosting

Bring the world to your doorstep!

We partner with volunteer host families in the U.S. and around the world who open their homes to our participants to immerse them in the language and culture. For educators, hosting programs take their lessons beyond the classroom and allow students to experience cross-cultural connection and learning firsthand.

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Bring Students to Your Community

Xperitas relies on Family Stay Coordinators, often teachers, to recruit host families for international students eager to learn about a new culture and practice their target language. All hosting programs are 1-3 weeks, and your involvement may be minimal or extensive.

Host a Student in Your Home

Families who host a student from another country discover that the experience is exciting and rewarding in so many unexpected ways. Share your culture with an international student and learn about theirs — all while building friendships that can last a lifetime!

Hear Host Family Stories

Not sure what you can expect from a hosting experience? Visit our blog to read stories from our host families and coordinators and learn what hosting international students can mean for your family and community.