Xperitas Language Immersion Program Destinations

Where will language take you?

Take your learning way beyond the classroom with an Xperitas Language Immersion Program. Your group will explore museums and monuments, while soaking up the unique sights, sounds and tastes offered by our culturally rich destinations. Most importantly, your students will apply their language skills to real-life situations with native speakers, while making personal connections that could last a lifetime. Browse our destinations to see where your language will take you and your students.

If you are looking for our cultural immersion program destinations, please visit our Community Partnership Programs page.

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French Language Immersion Programs

With its Dutch-speaking Flanders region to the North and its French-speaking Wallonia region to the South, Belgium offers an interesting contrast of languages, cultures and traditions. Its capital city of Brussels is mostly French-speaking and...


French Language Immersion Programs

With breathtaking landscapes and cosmopolitan cities, Canada offers an eclectic mix of North American and European culture. The province of Québec, a former French colony, has managed to retain its strong ties to French history, lifestyle and...


French Language Immersion Programs

World-famous art museums and iconic landmarks. Cathedrals, châteaux​ and Roman temples. Vast lavender fields, sun-drenched Mediterranean beaches and more ski resorts than any other country in Europe. It’s no wonder France is the most...


French Language Immersion Programs

Towering snowcapped peaks and sparkling lakes set the stage for enchanting medieval towns and modern global cities. Mouthwatering chocolate, creamy fondue and melty raclette tease...