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Take world language practice beyond the classroom with Guatemala for Spanish language immersion travel! Experience sprawling lakes and tortillas fresh off the comal. Mysterious ancient ruins and spectacular volcanic landscapes. And don’t forget to try the coffee and chocolate! All this and more await you in Guatemala. Over half of Guatemalans today are descendants of Mayans, and their colorful culture lives on in the language, food, and cultural practices of this Latin American nation. Our short-term language immersion programs to Guatemala also offer teachers and student groups the opportunity to get a healthy dose of Spanish practice too! Students become temporary locals, immersing themselves in Guatemalan daily life while practicing their Spanish through our signature Family Stay Experience™.

All Xperitas language immersion travel programs for high school and middle school students include our Rest Assured Advantages.

¡Qué Chilero Guatemala!

10 Day Program | Experience life in Guatemala’s former capital and historic city, Antigua. Student group Spanish language immersion begins with a taste for the local way of life in Guatemala! Stay with an antigüeño host family while taking...

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Custom Spanish Language Immersion in Guatemala

Customize your own Spanish language immersion experience for your student group! Our custom language immersion programs in Latin America allow you to decide where to take your students and what you want them to experience. Program Managers with...