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German American Partnership Programs (GAPP)

Support Services for Organizing Group Exchange Programs to Germany

Xperitas is committed to helping students reach their German language and intercultural learning goals during their immersion programs abroad. To that end, we offer flexible levels of support for teachers organizing GAPP group exchange programs. We support world language teachers, enabling them to provide students with the most rewarding intercultural experience possible!

How can Xperitas support your GAPP planning?

Xperitas can assist you with your GAPP program planning as much or as little as you need. Our services are flexible to the needs of each individual group immersion organizer. There are many benefits in seeking support from a non-profit organization whose primary focus for 50 years has been student language immersion travel:

  • Increase accessibility through financial aid, grants and scholarships
  • Customized to your curriculum
  • Logistics management & necessary insurances
  • Secure payments
  • Emergency support

Increase GAPP Accessibility

Xperitas is a non-profit organization whose mission is to expand opportunities for language immersion to all students. Over the past decade, we have awarded over a million dollars in financial aid, scholarships, and grants. When you use Xperitas to support your GAPP language immersion program, your participants are eligible to apply for our Financial Aid, Grants, and our Scholarship opportunities!

Customized Itineraries

No two GAPP programs are the same! We will work with your group to create a program that is tailored to your specific needs. Our experienced program management team will assist you in putting together a travel package that is perfect for your groups’ needs. 


"Having a partner to handle so much of the organizational work and mitigate so much of the risk, whether it be related to handling the money, matters of insurance and liability, or solving problems should something go wrong in Germany, takes away a lot of headaches and worry."

-Patrick Quinn, Ladue Horton Watkins High School

Logistics Management

  • Air travel
  • Ground transportation
  • Hotels
  • Meals
  • Culturally rich activities


  • Registration
  • Credit Card Payments
  • Cancellations

Included with Service

  • 24/7 support while abroad
  • Medical Insurance
  • Cancellation insurance
  • Liability Insurance (where applicable)
  • Practical Resources (packing lists, ect…)
  • Immersion preparation activities
  • Informational Podcasts



Stress free planning  for GAPP student exchange programs

Educational Brief

Stress Free GAPP Planning

You want the best for your students but increasing demands on your time in and out of class are mounting. Dedicated educators want to ensure they are offering the best, most cost-effective program possible. While doing all the GAPP planning yourself may appear cost saving on the surface, coordinating yourself might really be more costly in the end. There are compelling reasons to consider working with a language immersion travel specialist. The right organization may not only reduce the overall program cost but may reduce some of the non-tangible costs as well.

Learn how to streamline your GAPP planning process in this informative educational brief.

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