Canada - Custom Programs

Canada - Custom Programs

You Decide!

Our custom programs allow you to decide where to take your students and what you want them to experience, making intentional connections between their daily activities in the destination and what they’re learning in your class. We'll help you tailor a custom program to Canada to meet your educational goals and interests.

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Buildings in quebecHere are a few suggestions:

  • Explore Montréal’s Underground City and spend some time to practice your French while souvenir-shopping in “la ville souterraine”.
  • Ascend 556 feet on the Funiculaire to the top of the world’s tallest inclined tower for a panoramic, 50-mile view of Montréal, the St. Lawrence Seaway and the surrounding countryside.
  • Take a ferry ride across the mile-wide St. Lawrence River to enjoy views of the stunning Quebec’s old city.

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