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With its Dutch-speaking Flanders region to the North and its French-speaking Wallonia region to the South, Belgium offers an interesting contrast of languages, cultures and traditions. Its capital city of Brussels is mostly French-speaking and hosts the European Union’s headquarters, which makes the city a unique workplace for expatriates from around the world. Despite the diversity of Brussels’ inhabitants, the city boasts rich Belgian culture, with quaint shops selling fresh, hot waffles and the Leonidas and Godiva chocolatiers selling an array of beautifully-crafted chocolates. Practice your French in this fascinating country and see what kind of uniquely Belgian traits you can discover.

Belle Belgique et Douce France

14-Day Teacher-Led Language Immersion Program in Belgium and France

You will visit two French-speaking European capitals on this 14-day trip! Start your adventure in Brussels and visit its medieval Grand Place, see its quirky comic strip murals and learn about the European Union headquarters. Skip over to Paris...

Boy sitting on the canal in Belgium

Belgium - Custom Programs

You Decide!

Our custom programs allow you to decide where to take your students and what you want them to experience, making intentional connections between their daily activities in the destination and what they’re learning in your class. We'll help you...