Teacher Benefits

Benefits for Teachers

Rewards for new and returning teachers

New Teacher Reward

In order to provide additional support and maximize the quality of the experience for first time Xperitas travelers, new teachers (for those traveling for the first time) will be offered a guide on their program at no additional charge. This would be limited to select published programs or groups with a minimum of 24 participants*. *Smaller groups may be combined to reach the necessary group size.

If a new group is participating in a program where a guide is already included or groups cannot be combined to reach the minimum size, the teacher will receive a $500 classroom grant after program completion.**

**Minimum group size of six students is necessary to be eligible classroom grant.

Global Leaders Conference (new and returning teachers)

Every year, Xperitas holds their Global Leaders Conference in Minneapolis, and all traveling leaders who meet minimum group size requirements are able to attend free of charge. The focus of the weekend is on planning and preparation for their language immresion program, as teachers and leaders are able to meet individually with their Program Manager and our international partners to review program details and finalize their itineraries. Meals are provided, and each year we welcome a new keynote speaker. The Xperitas staff also organizes outings and other social activities for further networking opportunities with other traveling teachers!

For an idea of what to expect from a Global Leaders Conference, please read the recap of our 2019 Global Leaders Conference.

$1,000 Referral Reward (new and returning teachers)

In appreciation of teachers or others who refer their colleagues to Xperitas, a $1,000 Referral Reward is provided when someone she/he has referred travels for the first time on an Xperitas program with six or more students. Colleagues or friends from the same language program within your school do not qualify as referrals.