GFC Fundraising Program

Grounds for Change

Coffee Fundraiser

Fuel Your Fundraising!

grounds for change coffee packs

Xperitas is excited to announce that we have partnered with Grounds for Change, a provider of Fair Trade, organic coffee for fundraising activities. The fundraiser is administered directly by Grounds for Change and is open to any enrolled student. Raise money for program and other travel expenses with Grounds for Change Fair Trade Organic Coffee. Available to students  participating in an Xperitas language  immersion program.  
Coffee is a popular beverage the world over. Fair Trade and organic farming are also topics of global interest. Students can be as creative as they want in their fundraising outreach to family and friends.


$6.50 from each $15 bag  of coffee can be used to help pay for program and other travel  expenses!


Download the informational flyer here!