Getting Started

Xperitas specializes in creating safe and educational experiences that your family will never forget! Our programs can improve language skills, increase cultural understanding and build confidence for your family, all while connecting you more deeply to one another. Whether hosting international students in your home, traveling abroad to practice language skills or partnering with indigenous communities around the world, Xperitas offers programs that help your family grow and learn together. Let’s get started!

Language Immersion Programs

At Xperitas, we share your passion for language and learning. By enrolling your child on an Xperitas program, you’re demonstrating the importance of language and cultural understanding. In turn, we promise a safe, rewarding and memorable experience for your child. Immersing your child in the language and culture through a family stay are essential components of our language immersion programs. Learn about the basics of our programs by visiting Language Immersion Program FAQ.

Community Partnership Programs

Our Community Partnership Programs offer your family an opportunity to partner with indigenous and marginalized communities around the world. Through immersion, your family will engage with community members and support projects created and led by the community. Learn more about Xperitas' commitment to mutually beneficial partnerships in our program philosophy.

Host a Student

Xperitas has opportunities to host international students in your home for 1-5 weeks. International students are eager to meet you and your family and practice their language skills. Share your favorite activities with your host student and learn about their culture and traditions. For many families, hosting a student enriches their lives, connects them to the world and provides a fresh perspective. Open your home to an international student this summer and let the fun begin!


Encourage your child or family to share their awesome travel experiences and read about others’ exciting adventures by visiting our blog.