Insurance for Community Partnership Programs

Limited insurance for minor illness or accidents and trip cancellation insurance is provided for all Xperitas travel program participants.

Coverage details and instructions can be found here for Community Partnership Programs (International programs only). 

Note: Pre-existing conditions, mental illness and pregnancy are not covered. Xperitas recommends that each traveler's own comprehensive medical insurance be current and include coverage for the destination country.

Medical Conditions & Special Needs

Traveling abroad can be a stressful experience that may exacerbate a medical condition. It is important that Xperitas and group leaders are aware of any medical conditions or special needs a participant may have. For this reason we ask participants to indicate on the program application any medical condition of which Xperitas, the program teacher/leader and the host family should be aware.

All allergies, dietary needs, medications, etc., must be managed by the participant and must not require any special attention. Family stay placements are not based on consideration of medical or dietary conditions.

Xperitas reserves the right to cancel a participant who does not disclose a medical diagnosis on his/her application or whose medical condition or special needs can not be accommodated appropriately on the program; regular cancellation fees apply.

Cancellation Insurance

The cancellation insurance included in the program price is for medically related causes only affecting the participant or a member of the participant's immediate family.

The maximum coverage amount ($1000) is applied against the incurred loss calculated as of the date Xperitas receives the written cancellation. A physician's statement and signature will be required for any medical claim.

Additional Insurance Coverage

Xperitas is pleased to provide participants an opportunity to purchase additional insurance coverage through Core Travel Insurance.

Some participants on Xperitas programs request additional insurance to augment the insurance automatically provided on all Xperitas programs. You are not required to purchase additional insurance, but we want to make it easy if you do.

Core Travel offers 3 upgrade plans above the standard insurance policy included in the Xperitas program cost. Click here to review the plans available and learn more about options.

Core Travel is a third party vendor and is completely independent from Xperitas. All payments and questions about coverage and claims should be directed to Core Travel at or 518-708-4192.