Community Partnership Program Cancellations

Community Partnership Program Cancellations

Updated September 3, 2020


Voluntary Cancellations

Must be submitted in writing (email is acceptable) by the participant or participant’s parent/guardian directly to Xperitas, clearly indicating the participant's nameschool (if applicable), and destination. Xperitas cannot accept voluntary cancellations made by phone or requested by a teacher for a student. Cancellations can be emailed to

Medical Cancellations 

When a participant cancels due to health reasons prior to departure, Xperitas' regular cancellation policy applies. The short-term travel insurance included in the program price covers cancellation for medically related causes only affecting the participant or a member of the participant's immediate family. The maximum coverage amount ($1,000) is applied against the incurred loss calculated as of the date Xperitas receives the written cancellation. A physician's statement and signature will be required for any medical claim; Xperitas will provide insurance forms to the participant.

Involuntary Cancellations 

Xperitas reserves the right to cancel a participant for lack of payment or for failure to abide by the standards set by the teacher, leader and/or school (if applicable). In both cases the normal cancellation fees will be assessed.

Change of Group Leader 

Xperitas reserves the right to select a qualified replacement for any group leader unable or unwilling to travel. Such changes do not constitute grounds for cancellation without penalty. The published cancellation policy applies.


All refunds will be issued by check in the name of the student traveler. Please allow 4-6 weeks for Xperitas to process a cancellation and issue a refund check. 

Cancellations Due to Unforeseeable World Events 

Xperitas uses the U.S. State Department Travel Advisory system to determine if a region or country is safe for travel. Travel advisory levels range from 1 to 4, with 1 indicating “exercise normal precautions” and 4 indicating “do not travel.” Leading up to a group’s departure, if the U.S. Department of State elevates the travel advisory level of a region or destination on your itinerary to a level 3 or 4, Xperitas reserves the right to cancel travel to these regions and destinations. This includes travel advisory level changes due to unforeseeable world events, such as terrorism, violence, natural disasters and pandemics. Travel restrictions or bans issued by the destination government, including Tribal Governments, would be subject to the same cancellation policy.

When cancellations are initiated by either Xperitas, the group leader, the school administration or district due to a State Department advisory level change or destination government restrictions, Xperitas will work with group leaders to modify the itinerary/destination. These changes may result in additional charges. If the program cannot be modified and is cancelled, regardless of the time of cancellation, Xperitas will do everything in its power to work with the airline and other vendors to obtain the greatest refund possible. Please note that the amount of the refund will be reduced by any air and land arrangements that we are unable to recover at the time of cancellation and by the administrative fee (see schedule below) that covers organizational resources used in the planning of your cultural immersion program.  

Please note: Xperitas does not offer cancel-for-any-reason insurance. All travelers who would like trip cancellation insurance for non-medical reasons are encouraged to purchase additional travel insurance independently. 


2021 Cancellation Schedule  

Due to the unique situation that COVID-19 presents for 2021 travel, we have adjusted our policies to provide additional enrollment and cancellation flexibility for groups, extending the period in which participants can cancel for a full refund. This policy is in effect for 2021 programs only. 

Date of Cancellation 

Refund Amount 

91 days prior to departure 

Full refund 

90 days or less prior to departure 

Refund of all money paid MINUS a $500 administrative fee* AND any air/land expenses incurred by Xperitas (varies by program and cancellation date) 


Please note that part of the refund could come in the form of an air voucher (less any airline fees) if final ticketing has been completed. 


* This fee is to help cover the cost of organizational resources incurred in the planning of the cultural immersion experience. 

Residents of California and Iowa: State law requires certain sellers of travel to have a trust account or bond. Xperitas has a bond issued by The Hartford in the amount of $10,000. Xperitas does not participate in the California Travel Consumer Restitution Fund.