Community Immersion Philosophy

Community Immersion Programs

Understanding worldviews through immersive cultural experiences

Facilitating a more interconnected world through shared culture and experience since 1972.

Our Partners

Xperitas has long-term, sustainable relationships with partner communities across four continents including Asia, Africa, South America, and North America. The populations in the communities we partner with are primarily indigenous, displaced or located in rural areas. Our cultural immersion program partners have invited Xperitas to work alongside them in their community-led projects and to participate in cross-cultural learning.


quote from a participantThe Philosophy

The Xperitas Community Immersion program was formed almost 30 years ago. It all started with a group of globally minded individuals who had a vision of a more interconnected world. Their early approach of developing community-led partnerships through invitation from partner communities has elevated the way Xperitas cultural immersion and service learning is conducted today. How is this defined?

  • Community leaders propose projects that they see the need for, managing and directing all resources and labor.
  • Participants stay within the community as temporary locals, living and working alongside and participating in events of local significance.
  • This deeply immersive experience for students, is supported by Team Leaders trained in facilitation of group reflection and journaling practices.


Thai bracelet ceremonyOutcomes

By design, our programs foster relationships between people. Our Team Leaders exemplify respect for community members and local customs. The community-led project serves to facilitate cultural immersion, creating opportunities for people to interact organically while achieving a shared goal. Understanding from another’s perspective is gained, and in turn, a more empathic approach to the world outside of our own takes root.

Our participants immerse themselves by participating in the following activities:

  • Participating in day-to-day activities and local events
  • Engaging in conversation and sharing stories with community members
  • Daily facilitated group reflection and journaling
  • Eating locally prepared traditional food
  • Working alongside community members on a community-led project
  • Planning a farewell celebration attended by community members


Each community has its own rhythm. Programs are designed to be in tune with the pace of community life. This creates ample opportunities for spontaneous activities and conversations with community members, lending an authenticity that cannot be duplicated by other immersion programs. Participants gain deeper knowledge of themselves and understanding of their experience through daily team reflection and journaling.



“Xperitas delivers itineraries of substance. The variety of activities means plenty of opportunities for the kinds of moments I’m talking about. When time opens for a quiet meal under the sun or chance encounters, a warmth immediately registers on people’s faces over a shared experience like that.”

 – Faculty Leader