Red Cliff Band of Lake Superior Chippewa of Bayfield, Wisconsin

Bayfield, Wisconsin

Red Cliff Band of Lake Superior Chippewa

In partnership since 2017

Teams live and work with the people of the Red Cliff Band of Lake Superior Chippewa community.

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Site Specifics

Airport: Minneapolis (MSP)
Typical Foods: Wild rice, eggs, fruit and fry bread
Lodging: Communal lodging
Language: English, Ojibwe
Transportant to Site: Meet at designated place in Minneapolis and drive four hours to Red Cliff, Wisconsin.

A Brief History of the Partnership

The Red Cliff Reservation was created through a series of treaties between the U.S Government and the Red Cliff Band of Lake Superior Chippewa Indians, the most recent being the treaty of 1854. Chief Buffalo was the “founder” of the Red Cliff reservation. 

Teams live and work with the people of the Red Cliff Band of Lake Superior Chippewa community, who have invited Xperitas to collaborate through a variety of youth programs as well as at the tribal farm, Minobimaadiziiwin Gitigaanin. This is our newest partnership and we sent our first team of high school students in June 2017. Our first team had the honor of attending Wolf Camp, a retreat for Native youth to learn about traditional Anishinaabe cultural practices, as well as cultivating crops at the tribal farm.

CP Philosophy

Xperitas is committed to deep and intentional relationships with our primarily indigenous community partners. Projects are designed and led by the community and serve as a vehicle for cross-cultural learning. Participants agree that cultural exchange is the primary purpose and most important aspect of the program. As an organization we have cultivated sustainable relationships with our partners that are long lasting; it is important that our participants engage with the community respectfully and honor our partnership.

What will we do? Sample Activities

Because Xperitas CP programs are led by our partner communities, every program is unique. The day-to-day activities will be determined and led by the community and as a result participants experience an authentic immersion experience. Based on past programs, here are some activities you may engage in:

  • Collaborating with the tribal farm by planting and preparing garden beds and a variety of other gardening projects.
  • Exploring Madeline Island with a native elder and learn about the rich native history of the island. 
  • Participating in a local youth camp and learn native crafts, traditional medicines, and culture.
  • Learning how to canoe and explore the surrounding area with local community members
  • Building relationships by sharing stories, cooking, or playing games with community members.
  • Reflecting on shared experiences with the team and developing knowledge of the community.
  • Hiking in Frog Bay Tribal National Park – the first tribal national park in the United States

Extend your Trip Ideas

Participants can extend their stay in the Red Cliff area to explore other enriching activities. While we are not a provider of these services, we may have recommendations and contacts near the site who can assist you with your trip extension. Contact Xperitas for more information. Here are some ideas for other activities you might enjoy:

  • Explore the Victorian homes in Bayfield, Wisconsin and shop in stores that feature local art and gifts.
  • Visit a nearby orchard or pick berries at a local fruit farm.
  • Kayak the Apostle Islands or plan a hike on one of the 40 beautiful trails.

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