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Xperitas is committed to partnering with local, grassroots organizations in indigenous and marginalized communities around the world. Our participants live and work alongside community members on projects designed and led by the community. The project serves as a vehicle to greater cultural understanding, cross-cultural friendships and ultimately towards increased global cooperation. Read more about our program philosophy.

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Afro-Ecuadorian People of Tumbatu, Ecuador

Afro-Ecuadorian People

Teams live and work with the Afro-Ecuadorian people in Tumbatu, a small agricultural community located in northern Ecuador.

Anishinaabe People of White Earth Reservation, Minnesota

Anishinaabe People

Participants live and work with the Anishinaabe people in White Earth, a reservation located in northern Minnesota.

Luo People of Odienya, Kenya

Luo People

Xperitas partners directly with the Luo people in Odienya, located in southwestern Kenya, near Lake Victoria.

Maasai People of Entonet, Kenya

Maasai People

Xperitas partners with the Maasai people of Entonet in the Rift Valley province of Kenya.

Mayan People of Cantel, Guatemala

K'iche' Mayan People

Xperitas partners with the NGO, La Asociacion Wajxaqib Aj, the Mayan Center for Peace/Centro Maya Para la Paz, whose goal is to fortify solidarity and peace in the communities.

Mestizo People of Chirapa, Peru

Mestizo People

Xperitas partners directly with the mestizo people in Chirapa and is supported by JIREH, a local nonprofit that works on small-scale development projects in several small, agricultural communities in the countryside.

Nahua People of Xiloxochico, Mexico

Nahua People

Teams live and work with the Nahua people of Xiloxochico, a village near the market town of Cuetzalan. Xperitas partners with a women’s cooperative and groups stay at their eco-lodge.

Pare and Maasai Peoples of Kilomeni, Tanzania

Pare and Maasai People

Teams live and work with the Pare and Maasai people in Kilomeni, a community in the Pare Mountains in Tanzania.

Quileute People of La Push, Washington

Quileute People

Teams live and work with the Quileute people in La Push, a tiny fishing village on the Pacific coast of the Olympic Peninsula.

Thai Hill Tribes of Chiang Rai, Thailand

Thai Hill Tribes

Teams live and work with the Thai Hill Tribes, located in the far northern part of Thailand. Xperitas’ partner is a nongovernmental organization called the Mirror Foundation, run by Thai and Hill Tribe staff working for the social development of...

Tibetan People of Pokhara Valley, Nepal

Tibetan Refugees

Teams live and work with the Tibetan refugees in Pokhara Valley of Nepal, 45 minutes by plane from Kathmandu.