Community Partnership Programs

Community Partnership Programs

Authentic immersion experiences through intentional partnerships with indigenous communities

Our Community Partnership Programs offer the opportunity to partner with indigenous and marginalized communities around the world. Through immersion, participants engage with community members and support projects created and led by the community.


Xperitas is committed to partnering with local, grassroots organizations in indigenous and marginalized communities around the world. Our participants live and work alongside community members on projects designed and led by the community. The project serves as a vehicle to greater cultural understanding, cross-cultural friendships and ultimately towards increased global cooperation. Learn more about our community partnerships.

Upcoming Programs

Join a team of Xperitas participants on an upcoming Community Partnership Program. You can travel as an individual, as a family or in a group!

Community Partnership Philosophy

In partnership with our primarily indigenous communities in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the United States, Xperitas promotes cross-cultural understanding and interconnectedness through authentic immersion experiences.

Custom Programs

Xperitas staff will work together with you to find the site and partnership that will be the best fit for your family or group. You can create your own custom program if you have a minimum of eight participants of any age.

Academic Programs

Xperitas partners with educational institutions to design customized international and domestic experiential learning programs. Give your students an impactful and educational experience beyond the classroom!

Pricing and Credits

Traveling abroad is an investment at any age, and we're committed to helping our participants make their program achievable. Find out more about pricing and credits.

Our Team Leaders

Community Partnership Programs are led by Xperitas team leaders, who are trained in cross-cultural collaboration and group facilitation and manage all trip logistics.

Community Partnership FAQs

You have questions; we have answers! Review our Community Partnership Program FAQs.