Community Partnership Programs

Community Partnership Programs

Service Learning & Cultural Immersion

Xperitas offers service learning and cultural immersion through our Global Citizens Network™ of partner communities. Engage with indigenous and marginalized communities in the United States and around the world. Through volunteer service, participants help support community-led and directed projects. Living and working alongside members of the community provides the ideal enviornment for cultural immersion and cross-cultural engagement.

Public Programs

Xperitas_Pokara Valley_ Nepal
Join a team of Xperitas participants working with the Tibetan people in the Pokara Valley, Nepal. You can travel as an individual, as a family or in a group!

Custom Group Programs

Xperitas_Red_Cliff_Band of Chippewa_ Bayfield, WI
Xperitas staff will work with you to develop a custom Community Partnership Program that will best serve your group and our partner communities.

Team Leaders

This training program helps future Xperitas Team Leaders develop the knowledge and skills necessary to lead diverse groups on cross-cultural exchange programs.

Team Leaders

Xperitas Community Partnership Programs are led by experienced and trained leaders who guide the group throughout the program. Team Leaders are trained in cross-cultural collaboration, group facilitation, and manage all trip logistics. They also serve as the liaison between the Partner Community and the group.

Community Partnership Program FAQ

Answers to frequently asked questions about Xperitas Community Partnership Programs and our Global Citizens Network™ of partner communities.