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Xperitas language and community immersion programs open minds, connect people and transform lives. The Global Citizens Blog features stories from Student Alumni, Teachers, Team Leaders, and staff -- all of the diverse voices that make up our interconnected global experience. Additional content includes recipies, short videos and more! 

Have you traveled with us? Share your Xperitas immersion story.

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Looking Back on White Earth, Minnesota

Reflections on Cultural Immersion

My father saw gnomes as he neared death. They started with their backs against the paneled walls of his living room, moving closer and closer to him each day. He wasn’t scared though. Rather, he appeared to be comforted by them. After Dad died, a...

TAPAS España

Video Blog | Spanish Food Culture

 La Receta | Pan con Tomate

Emily, Xperitas Program Manager for Spain and Puerto Rico, shares one of her favorite Spanish breakfast treats. Learn a little about Spanish food culture and how to make this simple, yet delicious recipe....

Guatemala Revealed

Video Blog

Reflect with Team Leader, Tyrel Nelson about his trip to Guatemala in this stunning video journal. See the culture and the people of Guatemala come alive through colorful imagery and artful storytelling.



2019 Alumni Scholarship Winner

Madisen Bell

Madisen Bell, the Xperitas Alumni Scholarship winner for the 2019 program year is currently a first-year student studying to be a French language teacher at the University of Nebraska Lincoln. She traveled to France with her classmates and her...

An Afternoon in Antigua

Cherished memories of Guatemala

The temp was mild, but my desire definitely wasn’t. My camera was in hand, and I had learned from previous travels that second looks weren’t guaranteed. There were too many things that could happen from that point forward. Plans could change, I...

Interview with Julie Rogers Bascom

Service-learning & Student Development

Julie Rogers Bascom is a service-learning leader from Minneapolis, MN who has been supporting youth workers, teachers and young people to use service-learning as a strategy...

Xperitas 2021 Photo Contest

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Have an eye for photography? Now is your chance to shine. Capture a meaningful moment and share it with the world.

A Heartfelt Message from an Experienced Team Leader

The profound effect Community Partnership Programs have on team leaders

Tyrel Nelson, Xperitas team leader since 2014, led a team of students from Carroll University to Cuetzalan, Mexico in January 2019. After they returned, he wrote the following message to the Carroll students to frame their experience and...

Bursting My Culture Bubble

by Bethanne D.

Hola! My name is Bethanne, and I live in a beautiful part of Colorado. I have been studying Spanish for about five years now, and this year I am lucky enough to experience a once in a lifetime trip to Costa Rica. There,...

Little Known Facts About the Importance Of Language And Cultural Immersion - And Why It Matters

by Hunter E.

Many students learning a language today don't know what language and cultural immersion is, and if they do, they don't understand how beneficial these opportunities can be for their progress in the target language. Until a few months ago, I didn'...

Bring Me That Horizon

by Sam S.

Imagine...a car drives down a rough road past a field, as the sun rises behind a big red barn. This is a classic scene is several small-town movies, such as Remember the Titans and Hoosiers. But that's not a movie I have to watch; that's how I...

Get That Coffee Easily by Saying "Please" and ''Thank You"

by Stephanie M.

Imagine if you were trying to order a coffee from a little shop and the cashier was unable to understand you. Imagine they were looking at you oddly, like you had three heads or six eyes because you tipped them. Imagine that invisible barrier,...

CPP Fall Program News

A Leader-in-Training's Perspective

Emily Gregory, a music teacher from Alabama, thought she was prepared for living with a group of strangers for seven days as a Team Leader-in-Training this past June in Red Cliff, Wisconsin. Read Emily’s blog to learn more about how her...

Summer 2019 Program Recap

Another successful season in the books!

That’s a wrap, folks! In 2019 French, German, Spanish and Mandarin Chinese language students traveled abroad with Xperitas to nine different countries to enjoy an intercultural immersion experience! We are happy to report that every participant...

Introducing the Edie and Bob Green Writing Scholarship!

Yearly merit-based scholarship opportunities for Xperitas participants

We are excited to announce a new merit-based scholarship opportunity for our participants: The Edie and Bob Green Writing Scholarship!