Partnering with Purpose

Partnering with Purpose

Community Update

Carroll University
The Archetype for Building Global Competencies

Carroll University gets it. The Xperitas Community Partnership philosophy is to build long-term relationships with primarily indigenous communities. These relationships serve as a vehicle to greater cultural understanding, cross-cultural friendships and ultimately toward increased global cooperation. Carroll has embraced this philosophy of intentionally connecting with communities to establish relationships that exist well beyond, and outside of, the life of the actual program.

In January 2016, Carroll University sent a team of students to Xiloxochico, Mexico, led by Grace Janssen, Xperitas Community Partnership Program Manager, and Global Citizens Network co-founder, Carol North. Students worked side-by-side with the Nahua people of Xiloxochico, Mexico, who have maintained their language and customs. This experience set the course for more group programs for Carroll students and the plan to connect with certain communities on a continuing basis.

This past June, a team of Carroll students partnered with the Anishinaabe People of White Earth, MN.

The team worked on a variety of projects in the community with the White Earth Land Recovery Project (WELRP), the Circle of Life School, Toxic Tators and the Boys and Girls Club. They prepped a community garden, built garden boxes, planted trees and worked on other various projects with our partners at WELRP. Students were honored to be invited to attend and participate in a drum ceremony, leaving one participant to reflect on the experience with these words, “Even though the ceremony was mostly in Ojibwe and my mind couldn’t understand the words, my soul understood the passion.”

In January, Carroll students will again embark on another journey to Xiloxochico, which will help build a true relationship between students of Carroll and our partners. With programs going to Xiloxochico in January; Cantel, Guatemala in March; and White Earth, MN in May; Carroll hopes to grow enduring partnerships, not just take international trips. Returning to these communities will help solidify true relationships between the students of Carroll and the Nahua, Mayan and Anishinaabe people. Xperitas and Carroll University are aligned in the belief that building relationships across the globe will lead not only to transforming individual lives, but also the world.