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We believe that preparation and reflection are keys to a successful and meaningful program. That's why we've compiled an array of resources to help you, your child or your group have the best experience possible before, during and after your program. Use the filters below to identify resources by audience, type, theme and/or when to use.

We are constantly working to add and update resources, so check back often! Questions? Contact us.

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Health and Safety

Travel Tip

Travel abroad is an enriching and exciting opportunity to experience another culture, meet new people and speak another language. While preparing for the cultural aspects of this experience is important, it’s also essential for travelers to learn...

Hotel Sign In/Out


Download the Hotel Sign In/Out form for use during your program.

How to Write Your Host Family Letter

Travel Tip

All language program participants whose program includes an Xperitas family stay are required to complete the Family Stay Application, including an an introductory letter and two photos. We share these materials with our Family Stay Coordinators...

Leader Expense Report


Download the Leader Expense Report.

Likert Scale – Reflecting on a Continuum

Critical Thinking Activity

In-country reflection activities are an important part of the immersion experience because they help participants process the cultural differences they are encountering. However, it can be hard to find the time for reflection when you are...

Money Matters

Travel Tip

The amount of spending money needed for an Xperitas Language Program participant varies from student to student. Some students are very careful with their money and get by with less, while others spend it quickly and need more. Xperitas...

Notarized Permission Form


Download the Xperitas Notarized Permission Form.

Pack and Prep for a Successful Trip

Travel Tips

When it comes to packing, less is more. Confident travelers know that carrying heavy bags full of clothes, toiletries and accessories that won’t all be used is a waste of time and energy, and quickly becomes the bane of any traveler’s journey....

Parent Meeting Materials


Teachers, use these resources to get students inspired for traveling in 2018! Parents, feel free to review the parent meeting presentations too.

Pep-Talking the Family Stay

Practical Activity

It’s finally time to drop your students off with their host families! Hopefully, they have completed a good number of the Xperitas critical thinking activities, but it’s still good to give them some reminders and a good pep talk as you are on...

Suggested Timeline for Preparation Activities

Guide for Educators

Follow our suggested schedule for using preparation materials with your students, or create your own outline to fit your educational goals. 

Telephone Chain


Download the Telephone Chain for leaders to use for contacting parents during their program.

Terms and Conditions - Community Partnership Programs


Download the Terms and Conditions for Community Partnership Program participants.

Terms and Conditions - Language Programs


Download the Terms and Conditions for Language Program participants.

The Importance of Self-Awareness

Critical Thinking Activity

We all belong to different cultures, and many of our beliefs and personal habits are a result of our cultural backgrounds. In order to become more conscious of why people act the way they do, it is useful to understand that we all make judgements...